Top 5 unusual types of needlework

It is unlikely that someone will be surprised by such a hobby as felting or painting on wood ... But, when someone in the company proudly declares that he is engaged in, for example, encausticism, this raises many questions.

Needlework 1. Encaustic.

Can you draw? Yes? And the iron is weak? Surprisingly, the extraordinary beauty of the picture are created in this technique.

Simply put layers of wax on a hot sole of the iron and stamp them on a cardboard.

That's what comes out. Terrific, is not it?

Needlework 2. Zardozi.

Born an art form in India in antiquity, but came to us very recently. This is a very complex technique of embroidery of silver and gold. In addition, pearls are also used in embroidery, and all this magnificence is complemented by shimmering silks and velvet.

Needlework 3. Flocking.

This is a kind of creativity in which fibers that have been chemically pretreated are applied to any surface. As a result, the surfaces become like velvet.

Needlework 4. Cold batik.

Masters engaged in this kind of needlework, paint the fabric with paints.It seems to be just a painting, but look how beautiful it is.

Needlework 5. Yubinuki.

Someone regardsjubileeas a type of making jewelry, and for some, these products are quite utilitarian value - the protection of fingers during sewing or embroidery. With the help of this technique, bright products are created that will delight any fashionista.

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