Traveling with a child: 5 life hacking, how not to go crazy

Some say that there is nothing wrong with that. Others say that this is a continuous problem. Still others are just wary. What are we talking about? How to travel with a child.

Make a plan

A plan is always needed, even when traveling without children. But if you are on the road with a baby, you will first have to make a list of all the necessary things. Clothes, diapers, water, food, toys, first aid kit - the minimum set that should be with you. Pack these items so that they do not have to be checked in. It may be necessary to sacrifice less necessary items in hand luggage, so that, for example, there is no advantage in the plane.

Traveling with a child: 5 life hacking to keep you crazy
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But, you see, it is much more important that the child be calm, satisfied and enthusiastic all the way. In this case, there should be several entertainments, because children play one game for no more than 15 minutes. Do not reach for everything at once, let the element of surprise remain. As soon as the whims began, immediately change the subject of study.

Plan your route

When choosing a type of recreation, please note that with a child under 12 years old tours you do not shine.The story of the guide children quickly bored. Like admiring the sights. If entertainment is not meant, rest can turn into torture. With babies, too, you don’t like around the city: it’s hard (you’ll carry not only a baby, but also a mother’s bag), the weather can change dramatically, and you need to remember about feeding. A trip to the sea is best suited - in which case you are close to the hotel. If you really want to see more than just the beach, try to go on excursions in turn - the mother examines the neighborhood, dad stays with the child, and then vice versa.

All inclusive

Find out in advance whether the hotel provides family-friendly services. Some hotels have animators that entertain children while adults enjoy the pool, spa or local cuisine. The kitchen, by the way, can also include a children's menu.

Traveling with a child: 5 life hacking to keep you crazy
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It's great if there are children's playgrounds, game rooms, equipment rental for children. The location of the hotel is also important - the closer to the station or the airport, the better. Not only that, we usually return from the resortaboutWith the largest number of bags due to souvenirs and gifts for all relatives and friends, also add here the chance to stand in traffic jams with your baby.

We consider acclimatization

Even when you go to the south in the summer, still the peculiarities of the local climate may not be best reflected on young travelers. A sharp change in weather conditions is generally a huge stress. At best, a day or two will be spent so that the body can adapt. But the smaller the child, the easier this process goes with him.

If an exotic country is planned, the necessary vaccinations are best done in 2–3 weeks, not later. And be careful with local dishes! Unaccustomed children's stomachs can not perceive the treats. Seasoned travelers also do not advise to come to a foreign country or city during the flowering of local plants, so as not to provoke an allergy.

Remember about insurance

Many parents are increasingly inclined to think that it is better, as they say, to outbid. Health insurance, especially in another country, can help very much if suddenly there are problems with the child’s health. Abroad without enough fluent knowledge of the language is easy to get confused. Find out what conditions offer banks, find what suits you, and do not worry about anything. In the event of an insured event, the company itself will find you a doctor and will also monitor the treatment process.

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