Tremendous transformation of fabric with puffs

We decided to find out what ispuffs? After seeing a bunch of stuff found out. Puffs - a special kind of drapery, with which you can decorate the product with a beautiful pattern of fabric folds. Puffs can be used for the decoration of children's and women's clothing, as well as for interior textiles: curtains, bedspreads, pillows. This technique requires accuracy and patience, but the result will not disappoint you!

Puffs are folds folded according to a certain pattern. Threads pass through the points located in a special order, which must be pre-marked on the fabric.

If you still have not tried to sew very beautiful things with puffs, you are afraid, thinking that the puffs are very complex in execution, I will tell you - in vain! It is not as difficult as it seems. See for yourself) You can perform this technique with a variety of variations, everything is sewn from the inside and depends on the lined pattern. Just need a little patience and free time.

For the work you need a fabric, absolutely any, you can take and silk, and satin, and cotton, and wool ... anything.

Most importantly, apply the points, while respecting the exact dimensions, on the back of the selected fabric. We draw and mark the points at a distance of 1 cm from each other

For this pattern, let's use this scheme. Arrows indicate connection points

Connect the dots as shown in the photo below.

With a needle and thread sew along the lines. It is necessary to try to hook the upper threads of the fabric, by connecting, the thread must be fastened

Here's what comes out of the front.

And this video is a master class circuit and assembly, Scheme Leaves.

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