Troit Engine - Highlights Problem Solving

The main signs of engine tripping are: 

  • peculiar, intermittent exhaust sound;
  • jitter unusual for a car with a running engine;
  • power drop;
  • increased fuel consumption.

If you do not deal with the issue of troubleshooting, it will lead not only to financial losses (due to excessive fuel consumption), but also a decrease in the service life of the motor itself.

Before solving the problem of motor tripping, it is necessary to find out the causes of the malfunction The first step is to determine the non-working cylinder. To do this, with the hood open, you need to start the engine and remember the sound of his work. Then, in the regular order, disconnect and replace the caps of the spark plugs, while the sound and nature of the work should change.Determine which cylinder with these manipulations does not affect the operation of the motor. It will be non-working.

The next step is to determine the presence of a spark in the candle of an inoperative cylinder. To do this, you need to turn out the candle and, putting on the appropriate cap with a high-voltage wire, ensure the contact of its “skirt” with the motor housing.

Further assistance is required to assist the assistant to turn on the ignition and cranking the starter. In this case, you need to make sure that the candle generates a spark.

The absence of a spark in the spark plug or its low power.Reason: malfunction of the spark plug itself. Method of elimination: change to a new one.

Breakage of high-voltage cable or its resistance increased.Reason: malfunction of the ignition module. Method of elimination: to repair or change.

Crankshaft position sensor malfunction.Reason: timing belt shift.

Method of elimination: to diagnose the car, if necessary, change the sensor, disassemble the timing system, put the belt according to the marks.

When a candle generates a normal spark, you must immediately contact the service station. The reasons for the construction in this case are rooted in mechanics. The cause may be a malfunction of the valves, rings, injectors. And this is already a serious breakdown, which only qualified specialists can handle.

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