Twins dreamed in a dream, dream book

Twins in a dream, according to many dream books, is one of the most controversial signs. Twins can herald success, satisfaction with life, joyful meetings, sudden help. But they can also indicate a dreamer's uncertainty, confusion in his thoughts. In order to explain why the twins dream, you should take into account some of the facts of the dream. Interpreting what the twins dream about, one should take into account the gender and age of the person who dreamed this dream, as well as its values. An important clue in the interpretation of such dreams is the relationship to children in principle. If the children are a burden for you, twins in a dream means further difficulties in their own affairs. When the kids cause you sympathy and affection, then the dream predicts a meeting that will be quite weighty for solving important issues in your life.

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Why dream of twins
Why dream of twins

What dreams do opposite-sex twins

Twins in a dream personify your self-sufficiency. So you are not alone and you have practically no weaknesses.If necessary, you use both male and female qualities on equal terms - this helps you to cope with many problems without loss.

Rattlesome twins in the womb speaks of harmony in your soul. Also this dream is a harbinger of luck, good luck.

Newborns in dreams

To give birth in a dream twins - to find happiness and tranquility in reality.

Newborn twin babies say that in real life you will be able to solve some problems without much effort on your part. Also, newborns can foreshadow replenishment in the family: it can be not only the birth of a child, but also, for example, your wedding or the wedding of your closest people.

Twins, saturated with breast milk, talk about your kind and open soul, that you are always ready to help. Know that the people around you appreciate this quality in you.

What dreams of twins: other interpretations

If you have found your brother or twin sister in a dream, then soon you will meet or meet a person who is close to you in spirit and outlook. Hold on to him, such a person will become a true friend for the rest of his life.

But with twins, not everything is so rosy, if in your dreams you see sick twins - wait for great sorrow. The difficulties and difficulties that will overtake you after such a dream will be almost insurmountable, you will need to give up all your strength, both moral and physical, in order to enter the old rut.

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