Types of face masks

Masks are divided according to their purpose:

Cleansing masks.They are used for deep cleansing of the skin, they are used when the skin is strongly fused, there are "black spots".

Whitening masks.The name speaks for itself. Such masks are designed to whiten the skin, use them even when pigmentation spots or freckles appear.

Moisturizing mask.Essential for all skin types, especially dry. They are very relevant in the summer.

Soothing masks.Called to provide the skin with minerals, vitamins and various necessary skin components. In adulthood, nutritional masks are simply necessary.

Toning masks.Called to refresh the skin, improve its appearance, relieve fatigue. The effect of such masks increases when using them in the morning.

Masks for fading skin.Helps to reduce the aging process of the skin, slow them down, reduce wrinkles. These masks make the skin more elastic, as a result - it remains young and beautiful longer.

Selecting a mask, first decide what is currently needed for your skin: nutrition, cleansing, toning or whitening.

It is also necessary to remember that the mask needs to be chosen correctly and it is better to contact the beautician, because the masks are used according to the type of skin, and only a specialist can correctly determine the type. The skin needs constantly moisturizing and nourishing masks, and it is not often necessary to apply bleaching and cleansing masks.

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