Types of investment in gold

Investing in gold is used primarily to preserve capital. If you are certainly not an exchange player.


Gold in any period was in the price. During the crisis, such a precious metal is always very growing, and when there will be a second wave of crisis, it can grow even more.


Investing in gold is a profitable business on a long-term basis, since in a short period of time this metal is subject to sharp fluctuations.


You have the opportunity to studytypes of investment in gold.


Purchase of gold bars.Accordingly, in Russia such investments in gold are not very popular, since the VAT is charged upon the purchase of metal. In addition, you will need to pay certain interest for the preservation of bullion in banks.


When you buy gold bars, a large enough difference between the cost of acquisition and the cost of sale. Check out the prices that banks set for the sale and purchase of gold. An ingot is profitable to acquire only because of the weight.


Such types of investments in gold are advisable only during long-term investments, for example, 20 years.


The acquisition of coins made of precious metal, the so-called investment coins.Their cost is influenced by the market price of gold content, as well as a small premium to cover the cost of minting. Plus investment in coins is that their purchase is not taxed. The more so that coins are easily sold and bought. Gold coins in price always.


Unallocated metal accounts (MMI) are an investment method that is more popular in Russia than investment in coins. This is the most simple and convenient investment in gold.


The account is impersonal because it is not tied to any ingot, the acquired metals are estimated in grams. At any time you can conditionally sell the metal to the bank and receive funds.


You can make a profit on the basis of exchange differences, for which gold was bought and sold.


The advantage of the types of investments in gold is that it is a simple operation, you can even open an account using the Internet. The minus is that the gold account is not insured by the state, so if the banks go bankrupt, there will be no one to refund the lost funds on the OMS.

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