Unpretentious perennial flowers for the garden

Echinaceaandrudbeckiacan decorate a pre-arranged flower garden, but solo works best of all, creating bright color accents in your garden.

Aquilegiavery beautiful and tender. With the help of it you can add charm to the shady corners of the garden with high humidity. Simple varieties are also easily updated by self seeding.

Daisywill surprise you with the charm of tender inflorescences almost straight from under the snow. It is enough to plant once, and then from time to time to plant the expanding glade.

Stock rose, ormallowin new varieties, too, is very pleased with the variety of colors - from white to dark maroon and violet, almost black. Malva simple very easily propagated by self-sowing. Thickets of mallow are very beautiful, when many shoots bloom at the same time.

Anemones. White tender flowers on thin stalks gently sway from the lightest breath of wind. Very touching look planted in small groups. Blossom does not last long, but does not require personal care.

Silk weed- Another unpretentious perennial. Flowers will not please, but its motley greens remain decorative from germination until the end of autumn.

In the most shady corners of the garden feel comfortableferns,hostswith plain green foliage andastilbe. Perhaps this is the most unpretentious perennial flowers for the garden.

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