Unusual felt toys can be made by hand

All kids love toys. But not all store toys meet the requirements for them. One can not be called environmentally friendly and safe, others are not too bright, others are completely uninteresting. But if you make a toy with your own hands, then it will definitely be interesting, original, eco-friendly and bright. For manufacturing use felt.

What is felt?

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Felt is a rather dense non-woven material obtained by heat treatment and felting of wool, down of animals and some other materials. Felt (or felt) is used to make felt boots, hats, as well as a wide variety of toys.

The main advantages of felt:

  • Environmental friendliness. This material is absolutely safe, so it is widely used for the manufacture of clothes and toys.
  • Some types of felt can be called natural. Other types are made of synthetic materials, but in their qualities and characteristics they are in no way inferior to natural ones.
  • Simplicity and convenience in work. It is true, it is incredibly comfortable to work with felt.The material is perfectly cut, not sprinkled on the edges, it is strong and durable.
  • Products from felt inexpensive. Spending a small amount, you can make something beautiful and original.
  • A variety of colors of the material allows you to make bright and interesting products that children like exactly.

How to choose felt for the manufacture of toys?

To make the manufacture of felt products simple and comfortable, take responsibility for the choice of material. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Composition. Natural wool felt is very soft, but at the same time it is easily crushed. In addition, such a material may be shaggy, and on its surface with time appear pellets. And the wool sits down heavily after washing. But the wool felt is ideal for the manufacture of decorative elements and various accessories. Half-woolen felt (with the addition of other materials, for example, viscose or acrylic) is soft, but does not keep its shape well, and is also not suitable for the manufacture of products of impressive size. But this material is ideal for the manufacture of small parts and has a pleasant texture. Acrylic felt razlomachchivaetsya quickly, does not tolerate exposure to high temperatures, and also slips and shines a little. But this material does not shrink, does not shed, and is easy to clean.Felt of polyester is durable, wear-resistant, does not shed, is dense, but is soft. The viscose felt can sit down and change shape after cleaning or washing, but it is soft and silky, and also keeps the shape well. For the manufacture of toys, polyester, acrylic and viscose felt are best suited.
  • Colour. It all depends on your preferences.
  • Thickness. It can vary from 1 to 5 millimeters. It is better to use thick felt as a base for a toy, the main parts can be made of medium thickness felt, and fine details can be made from thin felt.

What is required for manufacturing?

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If you want to turn the manufacture of toys into your hobby, then get everything you need. In addition to the felt itself, the following tools and materials are required:

  • Scissors. It is desirable to have several high-quality and good scissors: some regular cutting materials for cutting felt, some small with straight ends for cutting small parts, figured scissors, and a roller knife, which is useful for cutting thick felt.
  • Tailor chalk or pencil. Also a piece of soap is suitable.In addition, today on sale you can find a special endangered marker for marking, which becomes invisible some time after application.
  • Threads. You can use ordinary sewing thread from polyester or floss (with them the toy will look more original).
  • Needles. Stock up with needles of different length and thickness.
  • Glue. For gluing small parts, it is best to use universal PVA glue, silicone or special textile glue. The most important thing is that the adhesive composition does not leave traces on the material and at the same time firmly glue the parts together.
  • The filler is required for making volumetric toys. You can use cotton wool, sintepon, holofiber, foam rubber, sintepukh or something else.
  • To draw patterns you need paper and a pencil.
  • For the manufacture of the frame or some elements may require wire.
  • Decorative items: beads, ribbons, beads, eyes, sequins and so on.

How to do?


How to make beautiful felt toys with your own hands? It all depends on your imagination and desires. But there are several basic steps:

  1. Pattern. On a sheet of paper you need to draw patterns that you will use to draw the details on the fabric and their further cutting.
  2. Then the pattern should be transferred to the fabric using tailor's chalk.
  3. Now you can start cutting parts.
  4. If you plan to decorate the details, then do it before stitching them.
  5. It now remains to sew all the details. This can be done, in principle, in any convenient way. Various manual seams are used, but you can also sew parts on a sewing machine (manual seams look more cute and original). Before work study the basic seams, using schemes and instructions to them.

Several variants

We offer several simple options.

Little birds

Beautiful and warm

You will need felt, wire, eyes, threads, needles, paper, scissors.

Preparation method:

  1. Draw on paper the main details: an acute triangle, a square with a side equal to the base of the triangle, a tail and wings of a bird (whatever you want).
  2. Cut out of felt four triangles, square, tail and wings.
  3. Sew together the triangles (edge ​​to edge, so that the bases remain free).
  4. Sew a square to the received part (to its free part). Do not forget to fill the part with filler. You got a pyramid.
  5. Cut a small beak and sew it to the top of the pyramid.
  6. Make wire paws. Fasten the paws on one side of the pyramid, making holes in the felt and passing the wire in them, making bends.
  7. Sew tail (to the base of the pyramid) and wings on the sides.
  8. Glue your eyes.

Book for baby

Developing books from felt for kids are especially popular. Make one for your crumb.

You will need:

  • felt (thick for the base and medium thickness for parts);
  • scissors;
  • thread and needle;
  • buttons.

Preparation method:

  1. First, prepare the base for the book. Cut a few rectangles. These are future pages.
  2. Now connect all the rectangles and sew them in the middle or stitch them on a sewing machine.
  3. Now start creating. Come up with a variety of applications and sew them to the pages. For example, you can make a fungus, a ladybird, a flower, some animal, and many, many more. Decorate applications with buttons, ribbons, beads and other details. It will be interesting for the kid to touch and study all this.

Use felt for making unusual toys. Make your life and the life of your child brighter and more fun!

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