Use of strawberry leaves

Strawberry leaves are saturated with malic acid, essential oils, retinol, folic acid, ascorbic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and many other beneficial substances.

They have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and choleretic effects. If you have a cold, then tea from the leaves will greatly improve your well-being. This drink increases the body's resistance to diseases.

Thanks to him, you can get rid of avitaminosis. Strawberry leaf helps with ulcer and gastritis. In addition, it eliminates the body of harmful cholesterol and increases appetite.

If you are suffering from a disease of the vessels or the heart, then the leaves and berries will help you. The described plant has been successfully used in gynecology. It is advisable to use for menstruation.

Because the leaves have a diuretic effect, they are able to improve the health of cystitis and kidney disease. In addition, they are necessary for diseases associated with the endocrine system.

If you have sore joints, then an infusion of leaves will help you. From the swelling saves decoction.Suffering from sleep problems? So, without the leaves you just can not do!

If you decide to use them, then you need to remember the sense of proportion. Otherwise, you may experience allergies. If you are carrying a baby under your heart or you are a nursing mother, then it is not advisable to use strawberry leaves.

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