Useful properties of acacia honey

Honey is a useful product containing a lot of the most diverse substances needed by the human body. It is made by bees from the nectar of various flowering plants. And why should you use acacia honey? There are a lot of reasons.

What does acacia honey contain?

The composition of acacia honey includes such useful substances as calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, organic acids, vitamins C, groups B, A and PP. The calorie content of one hundred grams of such a product is about 330-335 kilocalories. Sugar content is very high: fructose is more than 40%, and glucose is more than 35-36.

What is different from other species?

Natural acacia honey has some differences from other species. The first is the predominance of glucose in the composition. Since this natural sugar is more than sucrose, acacia honey is more useful than other varieties.

The second difference is pure translucent color. There are acacia honey of two shades. Light and close to white bees are made from white acacia rubynia, and amber-yellow with greenish notes - from a yellow caragana.This honey without impurities is pure and almost transparent, it does not have impregnations and turbidity.

The third difference is a unique floral scent. It is light, pleasant and completely unobtrusive, so it does not interfere with enjoying the product, but, on the contrary, transforms it, enhances the appetite and gives real pleasure.

The fourth difference is taste. It is very soft, devoid of closeness and bitterness, which are characteristic of some other species. Acacia honey is pleasant to the taste and gives a great aftertaste, which is enhanced after swallowing, is soft and remains for a long time.

And another feature of acacia honey is the process of its crystallization. First, it proceeds very slowly: the product retains the original liquid consistency for a whole year. Secondly, even after crystallization, it remains pleasant and tender: its structure includes small particles resembling snow.


What is useful acacia honey? Consider its basic properties:

The product helps to normalize blood pressure and maintain it at a normal level.

  • Honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help repel attacks of pathogenic microorganisms and destroy bacteria that have already penetrated the body.Due to this effect, the product can be used in the treatment of infectious diseases of various organs.
  • Acacia honey has a fortifying effect, enhances the natural protective barrier of the human body, increases the tone and speeds up the recovery process after serious diseases or intensive loads.
  • The product has wound healing properties and restores damaged soft tissues and mucous membranes.
  • If you use honey regularly and in moderation, you can adjust the metabolism and speed up some of the metabolic processes and reactions that take place in the body.
  • The nutrients contained in this product have a rejuvenating effect on the body, so it is especially useful for women.
  • Honey strengthens the vascular walls and heart muscle of the myocardium, improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system and ensuring the prevention of certain diseases such as heart failure, atherosclerosis, and heart attack.
  • The product is useful to use for anemia, it improves the composition of the blood.
  • Honey acacia strengthens the nervous system, increases stress resistance, has a calming effect and improves sleep.

How to choose and store the product?

When choosing acacia honey, pay attention to its hue and texture. The color should be light and almost transparent, a cloudy precipitate and blotches should be alerted. Acacia honey is liquid and volatile, not candied (if it has not been stored for more than a year). It is better to purchase the product from proven beekeepers or in large stores.

Honey is stored in a hermetically sealed glass container with darkened walls in a cool place protected from direct rays, away from any heat sources.

In what cases can it hurt?

Harm of acacia honey is possible in case of abuse of such a product. Its optimal daily rate for an adult is about two or three tablespoons, and for children - no more than two teaspoons. It is also worth remembering that the product can cause allergic reactions and is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus. Another reason to abandon honey of acacia is individual hypersensitivity to it. Do not forget that the enamel of the teeth may suffer from sucrose, so after use it is recommended to rinse the mouth or brush your teeth.

It is useful to know: when heated, honey not only loses some of its beneficial properties, but can also change the composition and acquire carcinogens. Therefore, it is not necessary to put it in hot tea; when consumed inside, only dissolution in warm liquids (not more than 30-35 degrees) is permissible.

Methods of application

Medicinal acacia honey can be used in many ways. It is actively used in cooking: it can be added to baking (already ready, because heat treatment is harmful), dairy products and cocktails, various desserts. Honey goes well with cheese.

Ways of using honey in folk medicine:

  • With tracheitis, laryngitis and bronchitis, inhalation is effective. In hot water, dissolve a small amount of honey and inhale steam. But such procedures are allowed only at normal body temperature.
  • For diseases of the eye and nasal cavity, honey-based drops are effective, which can be prepared with the addition of water or aloe juice. They are buried with rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis.
  • For wounds and dermatological diseases, honey can be used in the form of compresses, applications, lotions.
  • In order to improve your health or to recover faster after an illness, you can eat two tablespoons of food on an empty stomach. Honey can also be added to warm herbal teas, cereals, milk.

The fair sex will appreciate the effect of honey used for cosmetic purposes. It can be added to various face masks and hands, used as part of scrubs, it can be added to ready-made creams or lotions. But it is advisable to conduct an allergic test in order to assess the reaction of the body: apply a small amount to the skin and watch the reaction. In the absence of changes, you can begin full use.

Be sure to buy delicious acacia honey to fully appreciate its beneficial properties and improve your health.

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