vaccination in a year

we have to vaccinate in a week, and the child just got sick. Our pediatrician is on vacation. What can be given for cold? temperature 37.1 + snot.


Give antiviral - only after recovery, it is advisable not to do and you need to watch the child. So that later there would be no complications after vaccination, see and take into account.

Antiviral cost money, so I see no reason to spend money on it, if there is a more suitable option and no less effective. You can even just drink vitamins from the syrup at home and everything will be fine!

If the doctor says that it is necessary, then it is necessary! there is nothing you can do, for all children this procedure is done ..

If there is even the slightest indisposition, then what vaccine can we talk about? And even more so when the snot and temperature, even if it is low. Everything, it is forbidden to vaccinate. You do not want complications and relapses? Then do as he gets well

If your pediatrician is a competent specialist, he will in no way allow you to do the vaccination. This is absolutely impossible to do and you, as a mother, should know about it and stand your ground.Therefore, first get well, and then on the vaccine.

Here I am talking about the same. Incidentally, at the expense of a pediatrician. if you have a bad doctor at your place of residence, then you have every right to switch to another. It is not worth risking the health of the child just because you have been assigned such a doctor. I did it myself

Pediatrician and should be literate, but how else then? It turns out they give us the wrong advice, which are unsuccessful in the end. Vaccination is definitely after full recovery.

You just can not do the vaccine, the child must be completely healthy. Give antiviral, find out in the pharmacy what can such little children. Treat a runny nose, rinse your nose .. And at the expense of temperature, then for babies this is the norm.

Take can to the doctor? And then everything will be pretty good, you will cure the child very quickly and without problems, everything will be fine.

Antivirals are a good option, but they require considerable money, but you can save money, all you need is to eat fruits and that's enough. Vitamins in the body will never lead to a negative effect.

Antiviral, too, are different, so do not rely,that will help one hundred percent. Everything is individual and you need to know exactly which drug to buy, because everyone's portability is different. Children do not like pills of course, but what to do

You can try to give cytovir-baby powder, it is a good antiviral. But you understand that this is not a guarantee that you can be vaccinated. A week is not so much that the virus finally disappears. I would not risk so much the health of the child, what little can it turn out for him, especially since your child is only a year old, still quite small.

Until you fully recovered, you don’t have to do anything at all, and your local doctor must and must tell you. In general, vaccinations are necessary, at this age protection is simply necessary.

Vaccinations should be done! You can spend a couple of days, but then this vaccine can save you from more serious problems and diseases.

So no one argues, but just do it later. Anyway, the child will not be allowed to her if the temperature is. I, too, for vaccination, but with the mind. First you need to recover.

Well it certainly does! Moreover, I would recommend not only cure, but even immediately strengthen the immune system for a few days, or at least support it so as not to be vaccinated when the child’s immunity is weakened.For this, Tsitovir will help not bad - a baby powder, it will support the immunity normally, so there will be no problems.

The faster to make any decisions about treatment, the more quickly it will all end. These are not some jokes with which you can make a joke, thereby delaying the treatment. It can even lead to chronic. Each person had such health problems, but each was treated by everyone. Someone vitamins, someone syrups, but I like Tsitovir - baby powder, not for one year helps out.

Sometimes a day or two plays a big role. I know such mummies, that they wait 5 days, then they just start giving antiviral drugs. In the end, the child is sick for at least 10-14 days and why is it so difficult? After all, you can immediately begin to heal

Yes, people already give anything in such situations, it happens that the temperature does not fall down for several days, but in this case it is better, of course, to call an ambulance, because it is impossible to joke with it.

The temperature of the child is low. can not bring down such. just the body fights infection. Wait. until the child is completely healthy, then already do the vaccination, do not take risks.

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