Various types of specialized furniture

The company LLC "MiLab" stands out among other furniture manufacturers that is engaged in the manufacture of specialized furniture. This furniture for medical institutions, pharmacies, kindergartens, laboratory furniture. It also produces reception desks, computer desks, and other office furniture. You can get acquainted with the catalog on the site Furniture is made from high-quality laminated chipboard. The main material, as well as finishing materials, accessories and fasteners - imported. They are characterized by high strength, which makes them reliable in operation. All furniture is highly functional, convenient to use. Materials manufacturing and finishing are easy to care for them. This quality is very important for both medical institutions and kindergartens, where special attention is paid to cleanliness and hygiene.

In the modern design of medical and pharmacy institutions, not only white, but also other soothing colors are used.Therefore, the company "MiLab" offers furniture in different colors, here the customer will be able to choose what suits him. All furniture is of high quality with low prices. She has the necessary certificates of conformity. The company quickly fulfills orders and ensures the delivery of goods. They are issued a warranty on all products for a period of 12 months. Furniture is delivered both assembled and disassembled, at the request of the customer. The company also manufactures custom furniture in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

The range of medical furniture includes several types of cabinets: fume hoods, for physiotherapy, for documents, for clothes; bedside tables and bedside tables with a turntable; laboratory tables, changing tables for newborns; several types of couches. Exhaust cabinets are needed in laboratories to ensure safe operation of various chemical compounds. They have a metal body and a countertop made of porcelain stoneware. In the design of such cabinets are provided sockets, lamps, ventilation systems - all for convenient and safe operation.Other specialized cabinets are made of laminated chipboard. They are designed to store medical instruments, medicines, medical linen. Also, medical institutions need cabinets for storing documents and clothes.

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