Very hot tours, or the main rules of the holiday romance

So does one my friend. She is consciously seeking entertainment of this kind. From her I learned that there are even special forums where women anonymously discuss resort romances and share personal experiences. It turned out, to start a holiday romance is not so difficult. The main thing is not to idealize a potential gentleman and not to measure men with customary measures. At the resort, she does not care how much a man earns, whether he loves children and animals and whether he spills socks. She does not go for a relationship, but for a pleasant pastime. The man liked? This is enough for two weeks of leisure, which will raise her spirits until the next holiday.

But another friend of mine recently returned from a hot country in a depressed mood, for her life was not nice without the casual acquaintance she met on the seashore. And after all the clever girl was. I was very surprised when she began to sing the praises of a man whom she knew for ten days. It would seem, out of sight - out of mind. But no.Well, at least the man there turned out to be an experienced one, did not give her her phone numbers and emails, and then imagine what she would do if there was at least some opportunity to get in touch with him.

Very hot tours, or the main rules of the holiday romance

Spa novels are good only when they are taken lightly. You can leave a small chance that something more will come out of such a novel, but this probability is very small. In the vast majority of cases, such connections are temporary entertainment. Yes, self-confident people who are satisfied with life are unlikely to be tempted by such leisure, but if you are drawn to the exotic, try to at least follow a few simple rules:

Remember about personal safety.

Who is your new acquaintance? You will be lucky if it turns out that he is an ordinary gigolo, but with the same success it may be a criminal who is looking for victims among single women. Secure yourself - do not meet on its territory. The best option is a hotel. Yours or some other. Passport and valuables should be in your room in the safe, and the money on the card. And don't forget to pack a pack of condoms. To have sex without protection in the resort is unknown with whom - ugly. There can be no exceptions.Watch for food and drinks, which you use in the company of a new friend. You should not drink and eat what was prepared before your eyes. Suddenly there something podsypali, then to rob you? And this is at best.

Do not leave your contact details to a new friend.

Yes, yes, no phone numbers, no links in social networks. Suddenly, you want to stop all communication with him, and he, on the contrary, will fall in love with you without memory and begin to get his lover delirious? And if you are married, then generally you will not have problems. As a last resort, get a separate e-mail address for such dating, by which it will be impossible to identify you.

Very hot tours, or the main rules of the holiday romance

Do not take pictures with your resort lover

I know the story, it's true, it happened to a married man, when a girl whom he picked up on vacation, then began to throw out on the Internet their joint photos. Than the matter ended - I do not know, but nerves, he patted a lot. Even if you did not leave your contact details and it is not possible to find you, why should strangers see you in the company of an unfamiliar man? What if you have mutual friends who are happy to send photos to your husband? Better to be safe.

Do not believe what your gentleman says

Men and so often recruited to seduce girls, and even on vacation, and even more so. He can tell you that he is completely free, although in fact he has been happily married for twenty years. He may promise you that you will never part now, but he will forget you the very next day after your departure. For some people, holiday romance is just a hobby, for someone it's a cure for everyday routine. But the medicine, as it is known, is taken only until recovery occurs.

Very hot tours, or the main rules of the holiday romance

And most importantly - do not fall in love

Of course, the atmosphere around will contribute in every way to this - the sea, the sun, the beach, sunsets, handsome men in swimming trunks, but still it’s better to go on vacation in sunglasses rather than pink ones. A holiday romance is just a passing hobby, a game, self-indulgence - call it what you want. It is not even a novel. This is a short story. We should not expect much from him and entertain ourselves with illusions. Happy End will not be anyway.

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