Cheerful Snowman Volume App.

Today I will tell you about the volume of the application of ordinary paper napkins. This fascinating work is very popular with children even of preschool age, who still do not know how to use scissors. The main thing is to go to the store and buy more multi-colored napkins. And then every day create with your children small masterpieces. Such an application is interesting for both boys and girls. This master class is dedicated to making a funny snowman. For work, you need to collect such materials: - colored sheet - background work; - white napkins; - colored napkins (blue and pink); - tube with white glue; - felt-tip pens .
Volumetric applique Cheerful snowman
You can use any colored paper or cardboard for the base. Our crafts will be white tones, so the background should be dark. Violet colored paper is excellent. First, determine the number of balls for a snowman (there may be two, three or more).Apply PVA glue to the base, as if drawing a snowman.  Volumetric application Merry Snowman
Then take one white napkin and form a ball. Try not to tighten the thin paper tightly enough to make a large workpiece.
 Volumetric applique Cheerful snowman
Glue the biggest ball from the bottom.
 Bulk applique Cheerful snowman
Then shape two more balls, a bit smaller. And apply glue to the places where the snowman's arms and legs will be.
 Volumetric applique Cheerful snowman
To make them, you need to divide one napkin into four equal parts and form oval blanks .
Volumetric applique Cheerful snowman
From a colored napkin you can make a hat and glue it at the top. It remains only with felt-tip pens to draw the snowman's face and buttons. Although, these details can also be twisted from napkins.
 Volumetric application Jolly snowman
Funny volumetric snowman from napkins ready!
 Bulk applique Cheerful snowman
You can add an app like any other details. For example, let it snow (small, tight balls of white napkin), or the hero will have a broom or shovel in his hands (the napkins are curled up in flagella). In parallel, my daughter worked with me. She made two balls, a pink hat, as she has a “snow girl” and not a snowman. It turned out very beautifully.
 Volumetric application Cheerful snowman
 Volume application Cheerful snowman
Such work is very popular with children, as it is not necessary to use scissors to cut complex elements, and only paper forms will be needed.Every time you can come up with new works: a Christmas tree in the snow, a bouquet of flowers, birds on a branch, a tree in flowers and many other things. At the initial stages, you can offer your child a graphic pattern, which he will begin to fill with color blanks and a volume appliqué will come out.

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