Ways to fight with Medvedka

One of these methods - the device traps in the garden. To do this, in the autumn, it is necessary to dig several holes in the area 30-40 centimeters deep and about the same diameter. In these pits put manure. Medvedki crawl there necessarily to spend the winter there. They just love these places. When the cold comes, the contents of the holes need to be scattered around the garden, the bears and their larvae will die in the cold, and the garden will receive an additional portion of fertilizer.
Medvedok can be repelled infusion of onion peel. It is very easy to prepare: one bucket of husk and three buckets of water are placed in a container previously prepared for this. Insist it all must day. After the next watering of the plants, pour them also with the infusion of onion peel at the root. Perform this procedure twice a week.
To combat the medvedka in specialized stores sold special drugs. This is also a very effective tool.Of these drugs, Medvedox is particularly effective. In the garden, make small grooves (3-4 centimeters deep), in which this tool is poured. Four or five grooves will be enough to forget about the bears for a while.

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