Wday tests: we treat hair after holidays

After the holidays, the hair needs special care. And your usual shampoo and conditioner, alas, will not be able to bring them back to life. And you do not spare them, do you continue to style them? In general, we will save you! Editorial Woman's Day has tested the most popular hair treatments: choose the one you need!

Practically in any beauty salon there are hair restoration services. But the procedure procedure is different. You can make a mask, the effect of which will last no more than a week. You can undergo a procedure that will only improve the appearance of the hair, or you can the one that will start hair restoration. In most cases, the visible result from the second service will be the smallest, but after completing the course, you will notice a much better result.

In any case, restorative procedures will not harm your hair, and we, in turn, will tell you which of the services have the best therapeutic effect. Choose.

restorative hair treatments
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The procedure "Joico Hair Reconstruction" in the salon "Sharmy", 4500 rubles

Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty editor:
Vasilisa Kakorina

Hair care is an integral part of care for every girl.For many years, I have been selectively choosing oils, shampoos and hair conditioners, devising my own care plan. The first thing I came to in search of the perfect hair mask: homemade recipes work less efficiently than the purchased product. And really, do you really think that egg yolk is better than a mask, in which in addition to it dozens of vitamins and nutrients are collected?

Expectations:Any salon hair care is primarily a pleasure. Well, who does not like it when the head is massaged and the tasty smelling means are applied? For me, at the Sharmi salon, we chose the K-Pac program for the American brand Joico. Excellent care for natural hair, requiring nutrition and moisturizing.

Reality:The program of 4 steps cleanses the scalp, works with deep layers of hair, nourishes hair with keratin and amino acids. The products of this brand contain the patented Quadramine Complex, developed by Joico. The formula is characterized by the maximum concentration of amino acids with different molecular size and charge. The complex works from the inside and outside, reconstructing and protecting each hair.

First, the stylist Valentina applied me a cleansing shampoo, after which her hair literally creaks from cleanliness.The second stage is a tool that “solders” the hair cuticle, especially when caring for split ends.

By the third stage, the master applied me a mask, after which the hair becomes soft as silk! The final touch is a moisturizer, which fixes the result, soaking hair with vitamins.

Delicious smells and complete relaxation, starting with cleansing the scalp in combination with massage. An hour later, my hair went through all 4 stages and was ready for styling. No matter how perfect your hair is, after the procedure you see smooth, shiny and well-groomed hair.

Score: 10 out of 10 points.My hair became soft and docile, which is rarely the case at this time of the year, for which many thanks not only to the magic means, but also to master Valentina.

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