We make polymer clay sakura

We sculpt a sakura from polymer clay- a master class in modeling polymer clay from beautiful sakura flowers.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored polymer clay (plasticine);
  2. tool;
  3. toothpick.

Step 1

Take the white and pink polymer clay, make 2 rectangles and add them together. Then with a stationery knife we ​​will cut a rectangle on small small squares. Let's make sakura petals from small squares (pink - below, white - from above).

Step 2

We put petals together to form a flower bud. Toothpick in the center of the flower will make a hole and insert the stem. We will make stamens from thin wire or thick fishing line and insert it into the hole. Repeating these steps we make other flowers of sakura. You can also make an unopened sakura flower.

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