We treat thrush in the future mother: the drug "Nystatin" during pregnancy

What is thrush?

Do not treat thrush as a disease that is not dangerous. In fact, it is not. It is very dangerous for the fetus. Thrush can also give complications of pregnancy, so at the first symptoms you need to immediately begin to fight it.
It is sexually transmitted, but it is not a sexually transmitted disease, because it can occur for many other reasons: tight clothes, taking antibiotics, poor hygiene, etc. Also, thrush can appear in the body of a woman who has a weak immune system. Just during pregnancy, the future mother's body becomes vulnerable, hormonal changes, which is very good for the activation of candidiasis.

Treatment for thrush

In order for the disease not to harm the fetus, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment, otherwise the consequences can be dire.Pharmacies sell a huge amount of drugs that effectively fight thrush, notes, not all of them are suitable for pregnant women. One of the safest remedies that helps get rid of candidiasis is Nystatin. This is an antibiotic that is not contraindicated for expectant mothers. It effectively fights thrush by destroying fungal cells and removing them from the body.
This tool has different forms. Usually, doctors prescribe candles with the active substance nystatin. Tablets help not so effectively. Candles, in turn, are safer for the pregnant woman and the fetus. They should be applied within ten days one to two times a day (depending on the form of the disease).
"Nystatin" can be used as a prophylactic agent. If the doctor notices any manifestations of candidiasis, he may prescribe a drug. The tool has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance. Some expectant mothers have allergies, so after the first use of the drug you need to follow the reaction of the body. If itching occurs, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe another drug to combat thrush.In some pregnant women, after the use of pills, nausea and diarrhea begin. In this case, you also need to inform the gynecologist.
The drug does not harm the unborn baby because it is absorbed into the body in small quantities. Despite this, even a small dose perfectly fights candida. With it, the expectant mother gets rid of discomfort.

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