Wedding Envelope

We are increasingly faced with the problem when we are invited to the wedding, and we do not know what to give. Nonsense because you do not want to give, and guess what exactly the newlyweds need for the first time is quite difficult. Taste preferences are different for each person, and it's very difficult to please both of them at once. If you are not very familiar with the newlyweds and their families, then you can, of course, ask around their closest associates, so that they would preferably receive a gift. If you were invited to the wedding by few people who were symbolic to you, so to speak, relatives through the third generation, here it will be more difficult. In such cases, basically one way out, give money. But after all, no one has canceled the congratulation itself, warm sincere greetings with sincere wishes, which can be left in a card or envelope. So that there is a zest in your gift, even though it will be just a monetary gift, the greeting envelope itself can be handmade, and it will be hand-made. Very beautiful are the paper products in the form of envelopes, postcards, and covers using the scrapbooking technique. Showing a little imagination and using a wide range of scrap materials, you can create amazing handmade items that are original and unique. So, for the envelope you will need to take: • White-gray album sheet of paper for pastels; • Pearl white sheet with flower embossing 20 * 20 cm; • Paper for scrapbooking with roses and the Efel tower;
• Wedding pictures; • White frame made of polymer clay; • Stamp “On the Wedding Day”; • Flower curb hole punch; • Cutting of white flowers; • • White rep ribbon; • Light pink ribbon made of satin 7 mm wide; • Light pink ribbon organza; • Pink small half-beads; • Stamens and roses for a bouquet; • Front nka flower with pebble; • A set of wedding stamps; • Maroon, black and gold ink; • Corner hole punch; • • Watercolor paper; • • Double-sided adhesive tape; • • Glue gun; • PVA glue; • Simple pencil, ruler, scissors.
 Wedding envelope
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Turning a sheet of pastels,on the left, we measure 10 * 10 * 9.5 cm. Use scissors for the bigey line. The height of the envelope is 20 cm, the width will be 10 cm.
 cut off half
We fold, cut off the third inside side.
Envelope blanks
 cut blanks Making blanks for the front of the envelope, cutting out 4 blanks of the same size as in the photo from scrapbooking and from white embossed.
cut blanks
Making a punch edge
With a hole punch make the edges of two blanks. We fold the blanks into one, sticking them together with each other, we get one 9.5 * 19.5 cm in size. With adhesive tape, we glue the picture.
We make edges with a puncher
We stamp on the Day Weddings
We stamp on the Day of the Wedding, cut outedges are tinted.
 We stamp the inscription On the Wedding Day
 We make three blanks
We make three blanks for the inside of the envelope, punch and glue.
 We make three blanks
 collect and the back of the
Also collect the back of the individual fragments.
collect and the back of
 We sew pictures with a typewriter
We sew pictures with a typewriter.
 glue in front and behind
 glue on front and back
To the base in the middle we glue on front and back along the strip of satin ribbon for a tie.
make corners with a hole punch and dies
 make corners with hole punch and dies
All parts of scrapbook paper are glued with adhesive tape and sewn separately with a typewriter. Cut out watercolor 9 * 9 cm square, making corners with a hole punch and stamping set glasses.
 make a bouquet
 make a bouquet
From stamens and flowers we make a bouquet, from ribbons of bows, we glue the decor, as in the photo, starting with the polymer frame.
 make a bouquet
make a bunch
Inside the wedding stamps maroon ink stamping pictures. The envelope is ready, it turned out quite gentle and very beautiful! Good luck!
Wedding envelope
 Wedding Envelope

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