Wedding Invitation

Today “Hand Made” is gaining momentum. It is not surprising - the original and exclusive gift will delight anyone and leave a warm impression for many years. A very beautiful, and most importantly unique, handmade invitation can be made with your own hands from simple, affordable materials. It takes only a little time and the desire to please your close friends or relatives. Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation
What you need:
  • Thick white paper, one color with 2 sides;
  • Office knife;
  • Ruler;
  • Lacing;
  • Sacking;
  • Glue gun or "liquid nails";
  • Scissors;
  • Coffee beans.
1. We take a sheet of thick paper or A4 cardboard, and cut it in half. To teach a clear and even line - attach a ruler and draw with a stationery knife.
Wedding Invitation by Yourself
Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation 2. Fold the sheet in half. Cut out a heart from the same paper.We do it by eye, but it should occupy most of the area of ​​the front side of the card.
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation
3. On the one hand glue a few pieces of double-sided tape, overturn and put on sackcloth, well crushing. We turn over and glue the tape again on the edge of the heart, fold the corners of the burlap and glue them.
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation
4. As you can see, at the expense of a large cell, one layer is not enough. On the front side again put the burlap, try to line the second layer, sewed across the lines of the first. On the reverse side, using a glue gun, glue the burlap, gently bending all the strings. Stretch the material well, it should not hang out. The second layer on the front side is not adhesive.
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation
Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation
5.Heart glue on the cardboard blank.
Wedding Invitation by Your Own
Wedding Invitation by YourselfDo-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation 6. Print out the word "Invitation" beforehand, when you cut it, then from the letter "P" and "E", step back 3 cm.
lettering invitation
7. Scissors wrap the tips of the paper and glue on the heart.
Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation
8. Take a string, wrap 4 rings on your index finger, secure with glue. Leave the ring 35 cm, cut the thread. On the back, make the same ring.
Wedding Invitation by Your Own
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation 9. Glue the first ring on the upper left corner, the second - on the lower right. Curl the yarn according to your wish by gluing it in several places to the paper.
Do-it-yourself wedding invitation
10. Take 5 grains of coffee. Glue on 1 piece in each ring, pay attention, that risk on coffee, should look in one direction. From the remaining 3 make a flower. Our wedding invitation is ready.
Wedding Invitation by Yourself
Wedding Invitation by Your OwnWedding Invitation by Your OwnWedding Invitation by Yourself

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