What are the professions for girls?

Girls have always sought and continue to strive to find equality with men. This also applies to the labor market. Statistics show that there are very few professions in which girls are prohibited from working, while there are certain professions where it is almost impossible to see men.

According to statistics, in all sectors, women still earn only 82 cents for every dollar earned by men. But more and more they occupy highly paid positions, and reduce this gap. Many women do not even want to prove their skills in all areas, but occupy the positions that are most suitable for the female sex.

So, what are the professions for girls? Below we consider the professions where girls meet more often than men.


This profession is divided into two others - secretary and secretary-assistant. The list of responsibilities depends on management and company. Secretary-referent - the last step before the post of personal assistant manager.There are often irregular work schedules and continuous work with documents - tedious and hard work.

HR Manager

The prototype of those who in the USSR were called personnel officers. They conduct personal affairs, write job descriptions, issue passes and conduct interviews. Such a department is in almost every self-respecting company.

Call center operator

Call-center operators receive phone calls, create and maintain a database, advise clients of the company, and so on.


As a rule, a specialist with an art education. The most popular are the designers of printing, as well as designers for the interior, exterior. Less demand for clothing and shoe designers.


An employee with secondary medical education, who operates under the guidance of a doctor, is engaged in the examination and diagnosis of the patient. A nurse, unlike a doctor, independently performs only ready-made appointments.


The teacher teaches someone something. Previously, teachers were associated only with schools, now the scope of the specialty has been expanded. Teachers give us knowledge in universities, in foreign language courses, they work on our figure in yoga and dance classes.

Many factors may explain the popularity of these professions among girls, including the ability to work in multitasking mode, which is necessary for secretaries and office managers, or the ability to care and provide the attention that is necessary to work with children and patients in hospitals. These qualities are more common in women than in men.

What profession to choose a girl

In such professions as management, PR, architecture, ecology, journalism, fitness, girls have equal chances to develop their professional and personal qualities.

In any case, the choice of profession should promote career growth, but also not interfere with personal life. This topic is widely discussed, since in addition to her career, a girl has other vocations, for example, motherhood.

What other professions are there for girls?

Girls are very suitable profession show business. It is no secret that beautiful girls are in great demand in this area and many of them achieve enormous goals simply by selling their image and beauty.

But if this is not yours - you can try yourself in the sport. Many girls reach the heights of world fame by doing their favorite sport and, at the same time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

No doubt some female professions are sexier than others.Therefore, to achieve good financial results, girls can use their sexuality. The question is what is the sexiest profession. Whether it is a nurse or a dancer or perhaps a flight attendant. What profession to choose a girl? The question is in your character, in your self-esteem and worldview. Choose the profession that is more in the soul. A profession that you will love. Then you will succeed.

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