What are the risks of constant nervous breakdowns?

To avoid stress in modern life is very difficult. But still, you should be attentive to your condition, because an overstrain can lead to a nervous breakdown, and it is very dangerous.

What it is?

In general, the term "nervous breakdown" in psychiatry and psychology does not exist, but still the phenomenon is as well as possible described by just such a phrase. It is regarded as the peak of a stressful state, the acute phase of a nervous overstrain, accompanied by a number of symptoms and having serious consequences.

What can cause a nervous breakdown?

Causes of a nervous breakdown can be very different:

  1. Uncomfortable living conditions, work or study. It would seem that one can get used to them, and sometimes events develop in just this way. But still, each person strives for comfort and unwittingly evaluates the lives of other people. And if adverse conditions are supplemented by the influence of other factors, then the nervous system may react unexpectedly and sharply, which will lead to disruption.
  2. Unfavorable situation in the family. Since the family is an important and integral part of almost every person, any problems connected with it will in any case be taken to heart. And the trouble can be very different, ranging from the bad habits of the next of kin, ending their unworthy behavior.
  3. Trouble in personal life and relationships. Such events as a break with the second half, frequent quarrels or one serious scandal, lies, betrayals and so on can lead to a nervous breakdown.
  4. Financial difficulties. Unfortunately, a lot of things in modern life depend on money, so their lack can be a reason for serious experiences and stresses.
  5. Long and severe illness. She can be extremely harassing, both physically and emotionally and morally. The disease takes away all the forces, causes many to sacrifice and change their lives, and often not for the better. The struggle requires patience and strength, and at one moment they can run out.
  6. Deliberate bringing to stall. If you have envious people, enemies and enemies, they can also have the most direct effect on your emotional state.And some of these people may be skilled manipulators that can bring to the strongest stress.
  7. Dissatisfaction with their appearance, expressed complexes. If a person thinks himself to be ugly, then he automatically becomes depressed, because he is accompanied by self-doubt, apathy, or even thoughts of suicide. And if you do not change the attitude towards yourself, then you can get to a nervous breakdown.
  8. Chronic fatigue, violation of wakefulness and sleep. Often, breakdowns occur in the workplace and are associated with the lack of adequate rest.
  9. Drug or alcohol use. Such substances extremely negatively affect the work of the nervous system and destroy brain cells. Strongly-acting drugs and alcoholic beverages consumed in unlimited quantities can literally change consciousness and cause depressive thoughts and neuroses.
  10. Affect the emotional state and become one of the negative factors may be a shortage of certain vitamins, macro and micronutrients, minerals and other substances. In particular, vitamins E, D, A and B, magnesium are responsible for the functioning of the nervous system.
  11. Nervous breakdowns can occur in people with certain traits of character, such as vulnerability, irascibility, suspiciousness, sentimentality, and susceptibility.


How does a nervous breakdown manifest itself? Since this condition is considered to be acute and may affect the operation of the most diverse systems of the body, the symptoms may be different. Often there are the following:

  • Irritability, hot temper, increased nervous irritability.
  • Aggression, sudden outbursts of anger, or even a tendency to violence.
  • Sensitivity, sentimentality, guilt, increased susceptibility, tearfulness.
  • Reduced self-esteem, self-doubt.
  • Sharp and unexpected mood swings.
  • Sense of vulnerability, helplessness, unfounded fears and fears, anxiety, panic attacks, persecution mania.
  • Confusion, paranoid inclinations and thoughts.
  • Sleep disturbances: nightmares, insomnia, frequent waking at night or, conversely, unusually deep sleep.
  • Disturbed appetite. It can either worsen or disappear altogether, and, on the contrary, it can increase and cause overeating (many try to drown out the stresses with food).
  • Changes in behavior. A person experiencing or having experienced a nervous breakdown may behave unusually and unusually. So, if he was always polite, he could become rude. But expression and emotionality can be replaced by apathy and tranquility.
  • Weakness, fatigue, chronic fatigue, apathy, decreased working ability and activity.
  • Women may experience irregular menstruation and hormonal disorders, for example, irregular or painful menstruation, their absence.
  • Impairment of memory and concentration.
  • Headache, accompanied by dizziness.
  • Thirst for alcohol.
  • Deterioration of libido, lack of interest in sex, reduced potency in men.

Is a nervous breakdown dangerous?

Nervous breakdown is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous, because such a state can provoke the most serious and sad consequences.

Possible risks:

  • Depression is an extremely dangerous condition.
  • After such a shake-up can attend thoughts of suicide.
  • Lack of self control. A person can commit rash, inadequate actions, cross the line of law and moral norms.
  • Heart attacks, strokes and heart attacks often develop after nervous breakdowns.
  • Exacerbation of the history of chronic diseases.


What to do in case of a nervous breakdown? Acting is immediately and comprehensively. Elimination of causes, signs and effects may include the following measures:

  1. Rest is needed, with a full and preferably long. It is better to take a vacation and go to a sanatorium or a resort. But a sharp change in the situation is desirable not to allow, it can negatively affect the already affected and stressful nervous system.
  2. Support of relatives is extremely important. They should create the most comfortable conditions and treat a person who has experienced stress, carefully, surrounding him with care and love, instilling confidence in himself. Also better friends can come to the rescue.
  3. It is necessary to eliminate and prevent all stress factors, that is, any conditions and events that can provoke nervous tension.
  4. If you are literally on the verge, you may need the help of a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. The specialist will find out the causes of the problems, assess your condition and help you get out of it.
  5. Various relaxing treatments will help, such as massage, baths, aromatherapy, breathing exercises.
  6. Sometimes you just need to speak out. A frank conversation on souls can significantly improve the condition.
  7. The doctor may recommend the use of sedatives or antidepressants.


In order not to bring yourself to a breakdown, do not hold emotions in yourself, relax more, look at life easier, and also learn to relax and abstract.

Do not be nervous and avoid stresses to prevent a nervous breakdown!

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