What are the signs of pregnancy

If you follow the cycle and regularly measure the basal temperature, detect pregnancy is not difficult. At the onset of conception before the estimated monthly periods, it will exceed 37 ° C and last for several days.
Very often, signs of pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of acute respiratory infections or flu: fever, runny nose, cough, headache. In fact, the onset of pregnancy is often marked by colds, as the immunity during this period is dramatically weakened.
Some women start to suffer from migraines, not knowing that they are related to their interesting position. If you have never suffered from headaches before, and now they literally pursue you and do not go away even after taking the pills, most likely this is related to future motherhood.
It is fairly easy to detect a pregnancy before a delay by observing the state of the mammary glands. After conception, usually on the 10-14th day, the breast swells, becomes sensitive to touch, the nipples itch or hurt.However, this symptom is very easily confused with the sign of the approaching critical days, so it needs to be confirmed by other, more obvious indicators. For example, an increase in basal temperature, high levels of hCG, etc.
Although pregnancy is a blessed state, it often causes a number of inconveniences to a woman. These include insomnia, stress, causeless anxiety. If you feel such spiritual discomfort for no apparent reason, do not rush to drink a sedative, do a test and make an appointment with a gynecologist.
Very often in the early stages of pregnancy begins to hurt the loin. You can also feel mild discomfort in the lower abdomen, accompanied by bloating, flatulence, indigestion. These symptoms are very similar to the picture of gastrointestinal diseases, and therefore need to be confirmed by ultrasound.
The main signs of pregnancy - toxicosis and delayed menstruation - are known to women. They only appear rather late, when pregnancy is easy to determine by a test or on examination by a doctor.
In addition, an interesting urge to signal an interesting situation can signal.The fact is that the uterus, expanding, squeezes the bladder, and it is able to hold a smaller amount of fluid than usual.
Constipation - the scourge of pregnant women. They appear in the second trimester, when the grown fruit begins to compress the intestines.

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