What are the testicles in boys

The testicles are located in the crotch area in a special container, namely the scrotum. The left testicle is located below the right. They are separated from each other by a scrotal septum and surrounded by shells. The surface of each gland is smooth and shiny. The length of each testicle is about four centimeters, the width is three centimeters, the thickness is two centimeters. The mass of one gland is about thirty grams.
The testicle has a dense texture and oval shape, somewhat flattened on the sides. In each gland there are two surfaces (external and internal), as well as two edges (front and rear). The epididymis is adjacent to the latter. In addition, in the glands there are upper and lower ends. At the top, a small appendix is ​​often found - a testicle appendage, which is a rudiment.
Outside, the testicle has a whitish shell, which is called albuminous.Under this shell is the substance of the gland, the so-called parenchyma. From the inner surface of the tunica in the substance of the testicle enters the outgrowth of connective tissue of a roller-like form - the mediastinum of the testicle. From it fan-shaped thin partitions depart, which divide the parenchyma into lobules. In one testicle there are from two hundred to three hundred lobules.
In the substance of each of the lobules there are about three convoluted seed canals, which contain a special spermatogenic epithelium. The convoluted tubules are sent to the mediastinum of the testicle, where at the tops of the lobules they merge with each other and form short and straight seminiferous tubules. In turn, the direct tubules are included in the network of the gland, which is located in the mediastinum of the latter.
About fifteen outgoing tubules originate from the network of testicles, which are sent to the appendage, where they fall into a special duct. The appendage of the gland is located on the posterior margin of the testicle. There are head and body of the appendage.
Also important is the fact that the testes contain vessels and nerves. Blood supply to the testicles is from the testicular artery, which is a branch of the abdominal aorta, and partly from the artery of the vas deferens, which is the branch of the umbilical artery.

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