What are the titles?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
March 20, 2013
What are the titles?

People who have undergone special vocational training, occupying a certain position or having merits in front of their state, are given the rank by the competent state bodies. They are not only, usually visually (shoulder straps, medals, badges, etc.), narrate about the official recognition of merit or achievements of a person. Thanks to the title, there is a subordination between managers and subordinates.

Titles depend on:

  • from professional orientation;
  • on the level of education;
  • on the degree of merit.

Let's see what are the titles in our country?

There are:

  • military ranks;
  • honorary;
  • special titles.

Types of titles:

  • Military ranks. They are assigned to those who are on urgent (extra) service and depend on the level of training, position and, of course, service.
  • Honorary titles. Most often, honorary titles begin with the word "People's", "Honored" or "Honorary." They are awarded for special services to their country.
  • Special ranks. They are also called professional. These are titles in each, separately taken, segment of activity. For example, a police lieutenant, a customs captain, a master of sports, etc.

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