What color is love?

Irina Gromyak
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What color is love?

Love ... Everyone perceives this word in their own way. Someone in front of his eyes drawn the silhouette of a loved one, someone remembered yesterday's declaration of love, and someone started to play all the colors of the rainbow. And what is love? What color is love? Does everyone have the same color and what does it mean for each of us?

Can I see the color of love

For ourselves, we can imagine all the colors that we enjoy. Because this feeling carries only pleasant sensations and memories. No wonder they say that people in love "wear rose-colored glasses" and see everything in a pink light. They perceive everything around them through the prism of "rose-colored glasses". So, pink color shows satisfaction with each other and the whole world.

Each person has his own aura, and its color depends on his thoughts, attitude to life, people around you. Is it possible to see what aura of a man in love? As reported in online editions such can be seen in auro-offices. The energy of love is carried in its color, which we can see on the auro apparatus.And she, no matter how some energy, is pure.

A person who loves is surrounded by a field that attracts to itself, penetrates the heart itself. What color is the penetration? Often in the paintings of artists or photographs, we see the silhouettes of loving couples on the background of a sunset or sunrise. Golden lilac colors are chosen here for a reason. They show the energy that radiates from two hearts in love and merges with the energy of the whole world. And these paints, which draw the rays of the sun, convey emotions, energy, state of mind of lovers.

Every love is in its color

Love can be expressed in green. Green is the color of life. If Mother gives life to her child, then she loves him madly, we can see this love in green, which brings harmony and strength to us.

Uniqueness, versatility are present in each of us. And each person�s love can be expressed in its own way, which means that each person can acquire their own colors and shades, thus showing the state of the soul of the lover.

Answering the question, what color is love, we cannot but tell about the red color, which carries fire and passion, thirst and sexuality, the desire of new unexplored feelings. Red is the birth of energy that is needed to create a new life.If feelings originated, they pass through the red color, which simply burns with the flame of love and the knowledge of the new, which has not yet been experienced.

And, of course, it is impossible to throw out the blue color from this harmony of colors, which shows the spiritual basis of love. This color supports this feeling, does not allow it to go out.

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