What cosmetics to take on vacation

Seven products that you should first put in your vacation cosmetic bag so that beach rest will make you rather than ruin your skin, hair and mood.


The first thing to put in a suitcase when tickets to the sea are bought, not a swimsuit, but a cream with a factor of protection from the sun. About its indisputable necessity has been said already a lot and repeatedly, but we will repeat: the means with SPF will not only save from possible burns and subsequent peeling, but also protect the skin from aging and reduce the risk of cancer.

During the first days of the holiday, especially if you have fair skin, we strongly recommend that you select a product with a high SPF (at least 30-35). After a couple of days, you can switch to a smaller protection factor and further reduce it over time. But to completely abandon the SPF would be a big mistake, even if you "never burn" and the sun is hidden by clouds.

For those who care to even look perfect on the beach, we can recommend this tinted face cream with sun protection factor SPF 30. It not only protects against UV rays, but also evens out tone and moisturizes the skin.

Sunscreen cream for face SPF 30 Super Soin Solaire Teinté, Sisley

Sunscreen tint face cream SPF 30 Super Soin Solaire Teinté, Sisley (10 000 rub.)

Sunscreen for hair

UV protection is no less necessary for your hair than for skin. Therefore, if you don’t want to suffer with terribly overdried and damaged curls after a holiday, make sure in advance of your holiday bag there are special products - shampoos, conditioners, masks with SPF. There is also a simple and convenient option for the protective veil - this is offered by Kerastase. The tool protects the hair from the sun and prevents the "dandelion effect" when, due to high humidity, it is pushed.

Protective microveil Kerastase

Protective microveil Kerastase (2 650 rub.)

Thermal water

A small bubble that will make your life much easier and more pleasant in the midday heat. In addition, good thermal water also moisturizes the skin, which is so necessary in the mercilessly scorching sun. We advise you to choose tools without fragrances - this is not at all what you want in the heat on the beach.

Thermal water La Roche-Posay

Thermal water La Roche-Posay (481 rub.)

Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

Of course, from the decorative cosmetics on the beach is best to give up, to give your skin the opportunity to relax and get an even tan.But still you want to look well-groomed anywhere and at any time, so something should still be put in a makeup bag. In particular, the eyebrow gel. After all, eyebrows, as you know, face frame. And if they look well-groomed, then the entire image as a whole seems neat. Choose waterproof means that after the first jump in the water eyebrows will not swim anywhere, but stay in place.

Stable eyebrow gel Waterproof Brow Set, MAC

Stable eyebrow gel Waterproof Brow Set, MAC (1 300 rub.)

Matting napkins

Drops of seawater flowing through a slender body are sexy. Drops of sweat running down the face are nonsexual. Therefore, make sure that your face if it shone, then only from pleasure, and certainly not from the heat. Especially if you are counting on a holiday romance. It will help in this simple and proven tool - matting napkins. Places occupy a little, and function carry out important.

Matting Napkin, Yves Rocher

Matting napkins, Yves Rocher (350 rub.)

Aloe vera gel

Absolutely universal and necessary tool. It can be used both as a moisturizing body gel and as a face mask. Excellent moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin. After the sessions of sunburn will be just in time. And if you suddenly overdo it in your sympathies for the sun, it will save you from flaking and reddening.

Universal gel Aloe 99% Soothing Gel, Holika Holika

Universal gel Aloe 99% Soothing Gel, Holika Holika (540 rub.)


Panthenol is a remedy from the first aid kit, and not from the cosmetic bag, but still. Absolute must-have in case of a burn. Buy as a spray - easier to apply. Heals and soothes the skin at times.

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