What does fractional nutrition mean

Surely, many have heard that eating fractionally means eating small meals and in small quantities. The main rule of such a food system is that the intervals between meals should be 2.5-3 hours. It is this time that the human gastrointestinal tract needs to digest food, therefore, it is necessary to sit at the table 5–6 times a day.

Who is recommended

Fractional nutrition is one of the recommended types of nutrition in a therapeutic diet for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Such a system of food consumption is less burdening the stomach, well-suppressed hunger and promotes better absorption. Fractional nutrition is used in many types of diets, the main thing is to take into account the number of calories consumed. It also helps to gain weight. It is recommended to eat fractionally weakened, sick people, for example, those who have undergone surgery and need a quick recovery of strength.Bodybuilders also practice split meals, which helps them build muscle.

Principles of the power system

Fractional nutrition has several advantages over the usual three meals a day. First, it is possible to provide a high and stable level of metabolism. Secondly, a person gets the opportunity to control his appetite and prevent the emergence of a strong feeling of hunger. Thirdly, such a system is preferable for people with overweight, as it allows you to spend significantly more calories than usual. As already mentioned, the principle of fractional feeding is the use of small portions in size. About 250 g of food can be eaten at one time, but not only its volume, but also its composition is important. Experts recommend to use at one time a complex of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and grain bread. Of great importance are other products containing omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements necessary for normal functioning of the body.
Nutritionists advise to eat more carbohydrates in the first 2-3 meals and leave proteins and vegetables for lunch and evening.It's simple: if a person wants to lose weight, he needs to reduce the caloric content of his diet, and if you get better, then increase. Fractional nutrition creates the prerequisites for a more comfortable and relaxed human life. The general state of health improves, pressure normalizes, the quality of sleep improves.

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