What does IMHO mean?

Angelina Ivanova
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What does IMHO mean?

IMHO abbreviation is used most often in social networks, instant messengers (ICQ), on forums or in chat rooms. English-speaking people have always liked to abbreviate words and phrases for quick writing. But this abbreviation IMHO has spread throughout the world.

What does IMHO mean

So, the English IMHO is deciphered as follows: "In My Humble Opinion". And in translation, this phrase means "in my humble opinion." IMHO abbreviation is usually used by the author to express the fact that his statement is not a universally accepted fact. His words in combination with IMHO is only the personal opinion of the author, and he is not trying to impose it on anyone.

Also, some add to their opinion IMHO, to show that they are not fully confident in the correctness of their words. It turns out that IMHO can be replaced by the introductory turn "in my opinion."

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