What does it mean if white roses are given in a dream

At first glance it seems that white roses in a dream mean only good. But sometimes such dreams are a sign of warning.

Dream Dream Thelomena

White roses in a dream warn that you need to be attentive to your health. Perhaps you have big problems, but you yourself do not know and do not even suspect about it.

If you see white roses with drops of dew, you need to have a good rest, so as not to harm your health.

If in a dream white roses are given - to a joyful event. You will receive pleasant news or you will meet with a long-time comrade with whom you will spend many pleasant hours together.

If you gave flowers, it means that the person to whom you presented roses, soon pay attention to you. In the near future you will do him a favor, and he will not be left in debt.

Dream dream wanderer

To see half-dissolved white roses in a dream in winter - to stabilize the financial situation and make a profit.

A large bouquet of white roses - your marriage is strong.If such a dream saw an unmarried girl, she will receive a love offer.

Female dream book

Prick with thorns of white roses - to survive the waking betrayal of the second half.

Faded white roses say that you are very secretive, closed and unsociable. Do not try to show yourself to be strong, be simpler and freely express your emotions.

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