What does the perfect guy mean

The perfect guy doesn't have to be handsome. Moreover, others are too spoiled by women's attention and tend to be narcissistic. Much more important is the character of the young man, although some of the requirements for appearance should not be ignored either.

Appearance and intelligence

First of all, the guy should be well-groomed: regularly take a shower, monitor the cleanliness of clothes (especially shirts), use quality cologne. It is desirable that he had a beautiful, trained body. Of course, it is not necessary to turn into a bodybuilder, but at least a couple of times a week to go to the gym does not place anyone.
The intellectual development of the young man also plays a significant role. He should be able to maintain a conversation on any topic. Well, if a guy can discuss your favorite book, film, play or concert; and also to consult on burning problems in work or study.

The qualities needed for the perfect guy

In addition, the perfect guy should radiate confidence. Although girls are often pleased when a young man becomes shy in their presence, they usually want to see a more confident man as a partner in life. In addition, such a guy always knows what he wants from life, and he is confidently moving towards his goal. In the future he will be able to become a wonderful husband and father.
One of the most important qualities of the ideal guy is loyalty and devotion. He will always love only his darling, not paying attention to other girls. Even the thought of treason is alien to him.
Another necessary quality for men is reliability. A girl should be confident in her young man. She did not want to constantly change their plans due to the fact that he forgot about the next promise. The perfect guy always keeps his word and fulfills the requests of his girlfriend.
Of course, most girls dream of a young man knowing how to take good care of, give compliments, be kind, considerate and caring. Then the girl next to him will feel perfect.
It is very important that a young man can always find a common language not only with his chosen one, but also with her parents, friends, relatives and even pets.
It is very difficult to find your ideal, but if a girl meets a good guy who, moreover, will have sincere feelings for her, she has the chance to turn him into her own ideal.

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