What dream box in a dream

If the sleeper has a box in his dream, there are too many secrets in his life that do not give rest. You can also interpret the vision as the inability to get rid of fears, thoughts, plans that torment the dreamer.

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To see a box in a dream

Female dream book

What foreshadows a dream can be determined by what the box was and what it was in. If you open a large box and see in it a lot of beautiful things, it means that in the near future you will find happiness, wealth, a great vacation or a trip to distant countries. A box filled with coins is a symbol of the end of a complex project; now you can go on vacation. Open an empty box - to be disappointed.

Erotic dream book

To see in a dream a box for a man can mean the appearance of a simple woman in his life. If a woman sees such a dream, it means that she is afraid to grow old, lose attractiveness.

Psychoanalytic dream book

If you dreamed of a box - beware of disease, evil people and dangerous situations. Psychoanalytic dream book interprets the vision as one of the forms of the foreshadowing of death, the box according to this dream book is associated with the coffin.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

filled with - to improve welfare, profits;

empty - you will pass rivals;

with money is an inheritance.

Esoteric dream book

To see a box in a dream - solving problems, completing affairs. The interpretation of sleep may depend on how this object was in the vision of a sleeping person.

wooden - quarrel, envy, loss of friends, unsuccessful deal;

metal - you change jobs, get into a new environment;

cardboard - changes will not bring joy.

glass - envy are discussing your affairs.

French dream book

If the sleeper tries to open the box in a dream, but he does not give in, or the box is closed to a large lock, then the dreamer will have to face difficulties in completing his work. Perhaps this will contribute to others. Less tell them about your plans. Wooden box portends unpleasant news, problems at work, quarrels.

Spring dream book

see - wonder, profit;

empty - unsuccessful transactions, financial losses;

break - you ruin your own business.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

If you see a mailbox in a dream, it means that you will soon hear the news. If the mailbox is burning, and the letters burn in it - bitter, joyless will lead, I will bring tears. The box was brought by someone from your acquaintances - they will help you to complete the work begun.There is nothing in the box - empty efforts, you try in vain, your plans will not be fulfilled.

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