What dreams to feed?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 9, 2012
What dreams to feed?

Dreams are different, but they are all a product of our subconscious. Sometimes even the most absurd dreams can help you anticipate the events of the near future and prepare for them. And now let's see what dreams of feeding a child, birds, and other types of feeding.

Feed the baby in a dream

Russian dream book believes that the dream in which you feed the child, foreshadows you material losses.

A modern dream book says that you seem to be very worried about the welfare of your family if you are going to feed her in a dream. And if you just can not decide on a dish, then your concerns are not groundless.

Why dream of breastfeeding? According to the modern dream book - to enjoy your time.

In the dream book Hasse, it is said that if in a dream you are breastfeeding, it foretells happiness and prosperity in the house for family people. The unmarried will have a short but very good fun.

If you see how someone is breastfeeding, immediately accomplish what you have long dreamed of, because right now the conditions are the most favorable!

Feed the animals in a dream

If you feed hay pets in a dream, then in reality you will have a chance to help the person who will pay you back for the service afterwards.

Esoteric dream book believes that if in a dream you feed the birds, then in reality you are waiting for big changes in heart matters. A certain person will notice you, and her intentions will be very, very serious, which will end with a bride.

A single dream in which they feed wild or domestic animals promises marriage, and for family people such a dream portends prosperity and prosperity.

Sonar Azar in turn gives us the following interpretation: if in a dream you feed or pet your cat or cat, then in reality you are in for black ingratitude, and you should be vigilant.

Feed adults in a dream

If in a dream you feed some people, it does not matter whether they are alive or have already died, then in reality you should expect replenishment in the family.

Feeding a sick person may indicate that some of your loved ones are in dire need of money and will soon turn to you for help.

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