What fat burners can be used for men?

To be slim and beautiful, to have a toned and attractive body, you need to work on it. Often long and laborious. But the result is definitely worth it. Of course, it’s worth starting with a review of all life principles and habits. And do not forget about the sport. Today we will talk about fat burners for men, helping to effectively "dry".

Active drying

When proper nutrition has become a man's best friend, and he goes to the gym as a job, the body will unequivocally say "thank you" to attractive relief muscles and smartness. But only one “iron” and the right products to achieve results, especially fast, it is quite difficult. That is why in sports nutrition and there are products such as fat burners.

They work very simply: such drugs contribute to the burning of subcutaneous fat, thereby making the muscles clearer and more visible. In addition, they allow you to remove unnecessary, while maintaining muscle mass.But such a product is special, and just because it is strictly not recommended to include in the normal diet. And it will act only if there is constant physical exertion and the correct power supply system.

Sitting in the office all day and spending the evening on the couch in front of the TV, you can drink ten packs of fat burners, but the result will not be noticeable. Such additives act on the male body in the following way:

Yes or no?

You should not be afraid of special supplements of sports nutrition, if they are selected by a professional and used in strictly prescribed quantities. Do they benefit? Yes. And so what:

  1. In the presence of overweight drugs make it possible to accelerate the process of losing weight, and thus reduce the risk of developing diseases associated with obesity.
  2. Their action is similar to power engineers - plus to a charge of energy, which means less fatigue after training.
  3. The process of weight loss occurs along with the preservation of muscle mass.
  4. Such supplements increase calorie consumption.

But they can bring and much harm.

  1. There is a large load on almost all systems of the body, which means that the body's defenses are reduced, and in combination with the minimum consumption of calories this can lead to hormonal disruptions.
  2. Most of the drugs have a fairly large list of side effects: disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, tachycardia, insomnia, addiction.

With regard to the form of release, the choice can be made between additives in tablets and powder for the preparation of cocktails.

Not an easy choice

That is why, after weighing all the pros and cons, and not forgetting to consult a specialist, you can go shopping. But the range of fat burners today is really huge, because it is important to decide which species should and can be used in each specific case:

Thermogenic.They often contain green tea extract, guarana, cayenne pepper, caffeine or synephrine. In lighter versions, yohimbine may be used.

Their action is based on increasing the heat production of the body, therefore, it entails the need for calories, which is covered by the use of subcutaneous fat stores. Thermogenics also activate the central nervous system and reduce appetite. In addition, their undoubted advantage is that they work both during active work and during passive pastime.

Thermogenics are one of the most popular and least harmless supplements for men. But they will only work if they are received according to a well-defined pattern with interruptions, which has a positive effect on the process of lipolysis and does not cause addiction, and hence the "plateau effect."

Lipotropic.They speed up metabolic processes, but they do not accelerate the fat burning process itself, although they are involved in it. The main components of such additives: L-carnitine, choline, betaine, methionine.

It is worth noting that such drugs are useless by themselves and can be used and bring visible results only in combination with diet and sports. They also work well in a pair with supplements that help remove excess fluid from the body.

Lipotropics are the safest of all, they have minimal side effects so that they are prescribed even to children if necessary.

The blockers of fats, carbohydrates, cortisol.At the heart of such is the effect of chitosan. The inhibitors of the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, of course, will not help to quickly “dissolve” the already existing fat, but they will prevent the appearance of new accumulations. They do not allow the work of enzymes that contribute to the production of fats and carbohydrates.

As for the cortisol blockers, the action is also quite simple.Increasing the level of this hormone leads to increased appetite and lower levels of muscle mass. Supplements help to inhibit the action of the hormone, thereby keeping the weight in the normal range.

Diuretics.Their feature is a strong diuretic effect. But the effect of diuretics is brief, so the result is the same. Taking such drugs can also seriously disrupt the sodium-potassium balance, which will entail a long period of adaptation.

In the process of taking fat burners is to keep a diary in which you want to record all the changes that occur with the body every week. This is how you will be able to assess how effective fat burning is.

Helpful Tips

Specialists in sports nutrition recommend very carefully to choose the product, and give preference to well-known manufacturers. This will allow you to protect yourself from fakes and the problems caused by them.

It is not recommended to take fat burners before bedtime, as many of them activate the central nervous system, and therefore can provoke insomnia.

In the course of taking the course of such supplements, it is worthwhile to include vitamin complexes in your diet, because a deficiency of beneficial substances can lead to health problems.

In the event of side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, lethargy and the like, it is necessary to stop taking the drug.

There are such additives and contraindications, which include:

  • heart disease;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • prostatitis.

Fat burners are special drugs, and their uncontrolled intake can lead to serious problems. Therefore, purchase only quality products, and do not forget to consult with experts.

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