What figure do men like?

Elina Huzina
Elina Huzina
February 8, 2013

Many girls think about what shape men like. In order to look the most attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, women are testing one diet after another on their bodies. Is it necessary? Recent studies of men's preferences suggest that women with magnificent forms, oddly enough, may like them even more than skinny models from the catwalk.

What figure do men prefer

According to the results of recent surveys, the purpose of which was to find out which female figure men like, it was established that the following parameters are the most attractive forms of the weaker sex:

  • waist 75 cm,
  • hips 100 cm,
  • size 46

Today, women with figures of Marilyn Monroe and Kate Winslet are popular with men.

In the competition between the figures in a female round and boyish structure of the female body, the first win.Studies have shown that women, with a figure resembling an hourglass, according to men, are characterized by a high degree of sexual attractiveness.

Of course, most are not all men. There are those who like exclusively pyshechki, others only skinny ones. The only thing in which the preferences of those and others will agree is the opinion that whatever the weight of the woman she likes, her figure should look fit and healthy.

Sexy tummy

It may seem interesting to many ladies that it is attractive for men with a small female tummy. After all, many complex not only because of the size of the breast. Often women are very worried because of the presence of a rather noticeable abdomen. A woman, hiding this flaw, is pulled down by a corset, or uses corrective underwear. Scientists from different countries unanimously declare the groundlessness of these experiences. Most of the men surveyed who were asked the question: which figure do men like, admitted that they are not indifferent to a small tummy of a woman. It turns out that it is more natural and seductive than a full, flat stomach.

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