What does a diamond foreshadow in a dream?

In the real world, diamond is the most durable and expensive mineral, a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In dreams, in most cases, seeing this stone means that good, changing events will occur in life. But various cases in which a diamond in a dream is decorated or lost, may also mean not very pleasant news.

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What does a diamond symbolize in a dream?

Family Dream

A diamond in a dream, above all, means recognition and obtaining status. For example, for economists, this means profit in transactions and career growth. Anyone without exception, the appearance of a diamond in a dream foreshadows the recognition of the powerful, the rise of the career ladder.

Losing a gem or fake diamonds does not mean anything good. This is either the news of upcoming disappointments in business or empty, unfulfilled expectations and dreams.

Freud's interpretation

According to the psychologist, seeing a diamond in a dream means that the existing love or family relationships are strong and unbreakable. If gems lose or steal, it can mean danger to the senses. Most often in a negative sense diamonds are seen to the one who plays a dominant role in a pair.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The diamond acts as a symbol of a beautiful and serene future. If diamond jewelry comes in a dream, find diamonds, see a whole pile of precious stones foreshadow a significant improvement in material well-being, marriage or another very pleasant change. As in other dream books, a broken, stolen or fake diamond is a symbol of the loss, perhaps, of a very expensive or beloved thing.

Female dream book

A female dream book describes diamonds in a dream as a symbol of stability and prosperity both in life and in sensual relationships. The appearance of these stones in the night visions means that the sleeper is soon awaited by the respect of others, honor and recognition.

The negative sign is dreams when diamonds are stolen, especially from the dead. This can mean anything from material loss to the treachery of friends. It can also show agony of conscience because the dreamer is not honest with those around him.

Spring dream book

Gems that are obtained in a dream, for example, donated or found - to luck, win. Diamonds are also treated, which in dreams should be hidden.Present in diamond jewelery, try them on - to a quick improvement in material condition. But to give another person or lose a diamond - to a quick loss or unforgivable folly in business.

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