What happened to the laptop?

Recently, the Asus laptop stopped turning on, when you press the button, the greeting sound goes and the keyboard lights up, but the screen does not light up, what could it be?


In my old Asus, this happened because of a hard disk crash, I decided not to change or repair it, it broke when I had already worked 10 years, now I'm thinking of buying a new one.

Most likely it flew the power supply, in Asusi is a common failure.

If the indicators do not show signs of life, then this is exactly the power supply you have, or if the indicators are flashing, but the screen does not respond, then maybe the hard drive, I and so and so broke, bought a bad laptop with a marriage, tormented him.

A laptop may not turn on for many reasons, serious ones may be connected to the motherboard and to a hard disk, the power supply unit may even burn out, but this is when the laptop is old, here are the most commonhttp://vkirove.ru/news/2018/05/21/osnovnye_polomki_noutbuka.htmlthere are a lot of reasons for breakdowns and it’s hard to say exactly what went wrong, so you need to be shown in service repair, maybe just a banal overheating that does not require replacement of parts.

a guest11.09.18 16:17

Yes, these laptops are all so unreliable (

Maybe a problem with the matrix, and maybe even need a chiphttps://tmelectronics.ru/order new for him. Carry it to the nearest service center for inspection, there will determine the damage.

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