What if your pet chokes?

When a pet appears in the house, all attention is riveted on him: I want to create maximum comfort and coziness so that my favorite fluffy grows and develops in a good atmosphere. But if you decide to take on such responsibility, you should understand that his life is now completely in your hands.

And this means that any owner should possess, at least minimal knowledge, in time to help his pet in case of any unforeseen situation. And one of these is that if he suddenly choked, what to do? After all, illiterate actions or even their absence can even lead to death. What do veterinarians say about this?

In fact, an animal can choke on just about anything, because it is restless, like a child, does not always understand the dangers to which it can lead. “My dog ​​or cat choked. What to do?".

Often it is with this issue that concerned pet owners go to the veterinarian, often to the very end without even realizing what is included in this concept.Usually in the diet of domestic animals, especially dogs, there are bones - chicken, beef, fish or any other.

And, despite the fact that many veterinarians constantly warn that eating these bones - an unsafe event - many owners still hope for a chance. So it turns out that the sharp splinter gets stuck in the throat, esophagus or, worse, the airways.

The main symptoms of the presence in the pharynx or esophagus of a foreign body are persistent and often unsuccessful urge to vomit, which have an increasing character. The animal starts to rush, try to get a paw to get the interfering object from the mouth, sometimes it can not swallow not only food or liquid, but even its own saliva.

If the stuck object has moved further into the esophagus or stomach, continuing to irritate its walls with sharp ends, then vomiting, almost uncontrollable, may appear. But sometimes it happens that the pet did not choke, and this is just a strong cough.

By the way, this symptom is also a signal for anxiety, as it can be a sign of other serious diseases, such as heart failure, for example.That is why it is very important to distinguish cough from serious urge to vomit.

What if the animal choked?

If you are sure that your pet has really choked and some foreign body interferes with it, then, of course, it is best to urgently deliver it to the veterinary clinic, especially if you see that his condition is only getting worse: his tongue is blue, problems appear with breath.

Here the bill can go on for minutes, however, in no case can one go into panic. If you see that breathing is more or less even, then try to take the pet in your hands and open it with one hand, look at the throat, you may be able to see the object that is stuck there.

In fact, an animal can choke on anything: bone, sliver from a stick, a piece of toy, even your toe, do not be surprised, there were different cases! First aid in this case is simple: if you see a foreign object, then try to get it by hand or tweezers.

To improve its sliding in the throat, you can pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil into the animal's mouth, but only if the foreign body is clearly visible and amenable to movement.

Sometimes the owners of animals try to cause them to vomit - a method of doubtful, but sometimes still effective. If it is a dog, then you can try to turn it in your hands with your head down and literally shake out the stuck object. With cats, this method also sometimes works, but it is more difficult, because they constantly try to curl up into a ball.

If you see that it is impossible to pull out a foreign object on your own, and the animal continues to suffer, then do not delay the time and take the animal to the veterinary clinic with maximum speed. In no case do not try to disinfect the pet's throat with alcohol, do not give a laxative - it simply does not make any sense.

Trying to push the bone inside the stomach is also not recommended because you risk injuring the walls of the esophagus. In severe cases, in order to pull out the stuck object, the animal has to do general anesthesia and pull it out with an endoscopic method.

In order to make situations like this happen in your and your pet's life as little as possible, watch what it plays, what it is and, of course, do not leave unattended with toys that it can gnaw and swallow.

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