What is interesting is prepared in the Netherlands?

The country of the largest number of tulips and touching old mills will not be able to please you with a highly diverse or exquisite cuisine, such as in France. However, it will definitely surprise you with its originality!

For those who are going to visit the Netherlands for the first time, it may seem very strange and unusual, and, in particular, for those who are accustomed to adhere to the rules of healthy eating.

Just imagine, the Dutch people spend very little time for breakfast and dinner, but they prefer hot for dinner only, and not always! The bulk of everyday dishes are all kinds of sandwiches and what we call snacks.

You will not find rich soup in Dutch cuisine, no dumplings or rolls, but all sorts of fish and seafood dishes are in the spirit of the Netherlands. At the same time, a special delicacy and, one may say, a folk dish is considered to be light-salted herring, which the Dutch, most often, absorb right on the go!

Such a delicacy here is called "haring": previously decapitated and brushed fish sprinkled with onion and salt. The Dutch even eat it in a special way: with their heads held high and, raising the herring by the tail, they gradually bite off a piece. As you see, the Netherlands is the country that will be able to surprise you more than once in terms of cooking!

A fish

You can talk a lot about the peculiarities of the Dutch cuisine, but we will highlight the main points that everyone who went to the Netherlands must try, or who didn’t go, but I would still like to try something native Dutch.

As we have said, the locals are very fond of fish, and therefore it is with her participation that most Dutch dishes are found. It is subjected to a variety of processing methods: salting, canned, roasting, roasting and smoking.

Herring “haring” already familiar to us is served directly in tents and small shops in the squares; by the way, they are even equipped with special washstands so that after a pleasant meal you can wash your hands.

The most valuable and expensive fish in the Netherlands is the eel.The prevalence of such a dish depends on how much the eel has multiplied this year, sometimes its fishing is banned altogether.

But smoked Dutch eel is incredibly tasty and, importantly, a very useful Dutch dish that, at least once in a lifetime, but you definitely need to try. A more budget option is the cabbeling fish or, speaking Russian, cod.

By the way, it is also a very tasty and hearty dish, which the Dutch themselves are very fond of. Raw fish is laid entirely in deep-fried, and served on the table along with sour or garlic sauce.


Traditional Dutch breakfasts and dinners are small snacks that look like all sorts of sandwiches and sandwiches of all sizes and sizes. One of the most famous snacks - “uitsmijter”, is a bit like our hot sandwich.

Prepared elementary: on a piece of white or dark bread spread a slice of ham, then a slice of cheese, and the zest of the dish is the last layer in the form of fried fried egg. Another traditional appetizer is the chicken sauté or, as it is commonly called in the Netherlands, “kipsate”.


It is also very simple to prepare: slices of chicken fillet are pre-marinated in the sauce and strung on small skewers.Together with a hot peanut sauce create a truly unusual composition, however, its very sweet taste can not everyone be to taste.

Another common appetizer that can be found on every corner in the Netherlands is “French fry” or “patat”, which strongly resembles, familiar to many, French fries from “MacDonald’s”.

True, it is much larger and, without fail, served with sauces to choose from: homemade mayonnaise, ketchup, whiskey sauce, nutty or garlic. In 99% of cases - this is not only an appetizer, but also a side dish to almost every hot dish that is served in Holland.

The next favorite dish of the Dutch is pancakes. Usually they have a certain diameter - about 30 cm and can be served with almost any fillings: mushrooms with bacon, sausages with cheese, pineapple, ham and cheese, salami with cheese, fried vegetables with cheese, raisins and apples, chocolate and bananas and so on .

There is also a variety, the so-called pofertes, which resemble our fritters, but they are smaller in size. Usually they are abundantly smeared with butter and served, powdered with powdered sugar. The Dutch also like to cook a big and rather thick pancake, which is called panacuk. It is served in the same way as with salty and sweet fillings.

Hot dishes

In the Netherlands, there is nothing surprising in the fact that soups are not cooked, but only warmed up canned. It is also habitual for local residents, as for us, for example, canned fish. The most common tomato and chicken soups are very rarely, so to speak, "fresh" cooking, surprisingly, but they are still quite tasty.

In winter, the Dutch love to feast on the famous pea soup "snert". This dish here, periodically, is equated to the level of the national, and the Dutch themselves see it as something special, perhaps, like us in dumplings or borscht. It is easy to prepare it: a thick consistency is achieved by boiled peas, and it is served along with bacon and rye bread.

Another traditional dish of the country is vegetable puree, which is cooked and boiled potatoes, carrots and onions. Most often, it is served as a side dish for “hotspot” - beef stew, sliced.

By the way, such mashed potatoes can act as an independent dish, in this case, it is called “stamppot” and is cooked from boiled cabbage, smoked sausage, sauerkraut and fried lard.

For those who want something light on the hot side, the Dutch serve “bitterballen” or “bitter balls”, which are made from beef stew and fried in deep fat. On the table, such balls are served along with other small snacks, for example, cheese soufflé or slices of chicken fillet.

This is how the Dutch cuisine looks so unpretentious, but very unusual, from which the Dutch themselves are just crazy!

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