What is a fucus and how is it useful?

Modern medicine with great success uses not only land plants, but also the gifts of the underwater world. Scientists have long proven the effectiveness of the use of preparations made on the basis of brown algae. And cosmetology actively uses this class in various procedures. One of the most widely used brown algae is considered to be fucus. Due to its appearance, it is also called “sea grapes”, “sea oak” or “king alga”.

Description and habitat

The fucus is a branched bush, reaching 50 cm in height and attached by a canonical base to a stone. The stem is small, the branches are flat, leathery, with air bubbles.

Sea grapes can be found in coastal rocky areas around the globe. But most of all these plants were "chosen" by the British Isles and the northeast coast of North America. Industrial extraction of fucus is carried out in the White Sea.

Healing substances

Of the 19 species of sea oak, the bubble fucus is considered the most useful. It is widely used in medical practice, in cosmetology and is often used as an additive to food.This is due to the unique composition, which contains a large amount of vitamins, amino acids, microelements, polysaccharides, alginates, polyunsaturated fatty acids.

In addition, a substance fucoidan was found in brown algae, which has pronounced properties, such as:

  • antiviral;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • antioxidant;
  • antitumor;
  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anticoagulant;
  • hepatoprotective.

Also in sea grapes there is alginic acid, which is a natural antacid used to eliminate heartburn. In addition, this substance is highly effective in adsorbing radionuclides and heavy metals.

Another key microelement that is contained in the fucus is iodine. It is difficult to underestimate its crucial role in the human body. This substance is responsible for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, central nervous system and the growth of the child.

Fight for beauty

Women are happy to use cosmetic means, which are listed as a fucus. This gift of the underwater world is a component of many creams, serums and masks that nourish, tone and saturate the skin with moisture.In addition, the complex of vitamins, polysaccharides and trace elements contained in brown algae, performs such important functions as:

  • activation of metabolism;
  • improved microcirculation;
  • removal of toxins;
  • recovery of the epidermis after stress;
  • alignment of the relief;
  • vessel strengthening;
  • the return of elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Fucus extracts are also used in shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. Its beneficial substances have a beneficial effect on the condition of the scalp, as a result of which the condition of the curls improves, the bulbs are strengthened, the thickness of the hair increases, and natural shine appears.

Remove cellulite and stretch marks

Sea oak is widely used in cosmetic procedures for body shaping.

Professional products for wraps, presented in the form of micronized powder of blistering bladder, successfully fight cellulite, local fat deposits, activate lipolysis, improve microcirculation, promote the elimination of toxins.

Also for wrappings and peeling using mud masks, which include sea grapes include kelp, spirulina and other brown and blue-green algae.Such procedures clean the epidermis, saturate it with vitamins and minerals, remove toxins, excess fluid, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Sea grapes are also present in powder from algae for bathing. This procedure is called balneotherapy. After completing the course, the condition of the whole epidermis improves, the mineral balance of the skin is restored, the metabolism is activated, the blood circulation improves.

This plant is used not only in the powdered state, but also in the form of an oily product used to eliminate and prevent stretch marks. The oil intensively moisturizes the skin, softens it, improves the elasticity of the fibers, stimulates the renewal of epidermal cells.

Create a slim body

Powder from brown algae is often used for weight loss. In their composition, they have irreducible compounds that swell in the stomach and suppress the feeling of the onset of hunger. In addition, sea grapes improves metabolism, removes excess water from the body, which is manifested by edema and hypertension, and due to the presence of fucoxanthin helps to burn excess fat.It also improves osmotic metabolism and accelerates the elimination of toxins.

To prepare the mixture take 1 tsp. (with a slide) of dry powder, diluted with boiling water and taken 2 times a day with meals or added to cocktails.

Improving the overall condition of the body

In pharmacies are sold biologically active additives, created on the basis of fucus bubble. They are used for various purposes, such as:

  • improve the condition of the skin, hair and nail plates;
  • eliminate iodine deficiency;
  • immunity strengthening;
  • metabolic recovery;
  • antioxidant protection of cells;
  • heavy metal adsorption;
  • eliminate heartburn;
  • maintain the body during the diet.

Powder from the leaves of this plant can also be used as a seasoning for various dishes, sprinkle sandwiches.

Not useful to everyone

Fucus is contraindicated in persons suffering from thyroid disease and having an excess of iodine in the body. The application of brown algae is allowed only after consultation of the attending physician for the following categories of citizens:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • children under 6 years;
  • To old people.

The use of sea grapes will help to solve not only aesthetic problems, but will also improve health and improve overall health.

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