What is a hardware manicure in 2018

What is the procedure good hardware manicure?

A hardware manicure procedure is a service that has been offered by beauty salons relatively recently. However, she has already managed to take a strong position. Hardware manicure is a special machine. It only remains for the master to apply the cutter to the cutters, and this is much easier than manually using the tools of the traditional nail care kit.
If you do not have free time to visit a beauty salon, you do not have the opportunity to spend time on trips, long queues or just have not found a good master who you can trust, you can take care of your hands and nails at home. Doing hardware manicure with your own hands, you no longer risk being disappointed in expectations. And if the device initially inspires fear, this is not for long, because after the first procedure, you will be with him on “you”.

Introduction to the router

The set for a hardware manicure includes a machine (router) and nozzles (cutters). It is best to buy an amateur category router, since it is not inferior in quality to a professional one, but at the same time has a more affordable price and lower nozzle rotation speed, which is safer for an inexperienced user. In addition, for the procedure of hardware manicure, you will need emollients designed to handle the cuticles.
Before proceeding to such a manicure, you must make sure that the hands and nails are not steamed and dry, otherwise the procedure can damage the structure of the nail plates.
Cosmetologists recommend carrying out this procedure at home for people with fast-growing cuticle and problematic nails. Emollients and nutritious oils contain a spectrum of vitamins and keratin. The procedure of “sealing” the nail involves closing (stopping) the pores with oil, as a result of which the moisture will not evaporate and the nail plates will not suffer from dehydration (dehydration).
The hardware manicure procedure is gentle and delicate,since due to the competent design of the nozzles and the router, the risk of cracks and cuts is practically excluded. Cutters should be held in the same way as a pen, that is, at an angle of 45 ° C. Movement should be directed to the edges from the center. Periodically it is necessary to turn off the device and allow the hands to rest from its vibration.

The technology of the hardware manicure

The sequence of the hardware manicure procedure is quite simple:
- remove from the nail the remains of old varnish;
- disinfect spray hands;
- wooden stick gently move the cuticle;
- give the nail file the desired length and shape;
- Apply a special tool to soften the tissue of the cuticle;
- treat the cuticle from the side rollers with a needle-shaped small abrasive diamond cutter;
- the same cutter move along the cuticle, lifting it;
- remove the diamond cutter "truncated cone" prepared cuticle, without touching the surface of the nail plate;
- polish the cuticle with a pulverized cutter;
- Apply nourishing oil (for example, almond) on the cuticle and nails;
- “seal” the nails, grinding them on a layer of oil using a double-sided polisher;
- Finally, degrease the nails and apply a layer of varnish.

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