What is better to build a house?

Although it is said that a solid foundation is important for the house, but reliable walls are just as important. And, of course, the construction of the house is associated with the adoption of difficult decisions. Starting from the cost, and up to the appearance of the house. We will not talk in detail about all stages of construction. Particular attention is paid to the materials and structures from which to build the house. So, what is better to build a house, how much time will it take, and what is the price?

Main types of materials and structures

Since there can be no mistakes in construction, let�s look at the different materials and characteristics of their basic structures. And then just decide what is best to build a house. Houses are determined by the weight of the structure or its massiveness, durability, combustibility, cost, labor intensity and indoor climate.

The structures of residential buildings can be divided into two groups.

  • The first group includes houses made of natural and artificial stone, brick (different types) and concrete (monolithic, foam blocks, and others).
  • And in the second - completely wooden and built on the basis of wood: chopped, cobbled, frame and panel (panel).

Let's characterize each species separately.The constructions of the first group have a large mass, but are durable and fireproof. Brick or masonry requires a strong foundation, which is expensive and time consuming. Also, increased heating costs are needed, since massive walls have high thermal inertia.

If the walls are made of hollow brick or foam block, the foundation is needed less massive, and it has a pleasant microclimate. Monolithic walls - available in price, simple in construction technique and are popular among developers. Such walls of lightweight concrete in strength and durability are not inferior to brick walls. But, on the other hand, they are lighter, less heat conductive, and 40-60% cheaper. And breathing in such a house is harder. The reason is that the concrete does not absorb and does not give up moisture. Monolithic structures are considered to be the technology of warm countries.

One of the most modern construction methods is a foam block house. Why is it better to build a house out of it? This material is characterized by unique performance properties and high technological qualities. Foam blocks are made of foamed concrete. They are very durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly.According to the internal microclimate, such domanapomnayut wooden, but very different from them: fire resistance and durability (do not rot). Since the foam blocks produce large sizes, they reduce the time of construction of the house, and this is directly related to the lower cost of construction work. As for light processing, experts can satisfy any imagination you have inside the house: various niches, arches, protrusions, and outside.

Houses of the second group of wood and wood materials are distinguished by low weight, ease of processing and erection of structures, but their main advantage is an excellent microclimate. Among the shortcomings can be determined: rotting and burning. Of course, it is possible in many ways to deal with dampness in the house and rotting, but to combat the second drawback, only preventive measures are applicable that will reduce the risk of wood burning.

Timber is a very popular building material. Many builders, therefore, do not even think about what is better to build a house. It is versatile, eco-friendly and affordable. The construction of it is very fast. Thanks to the finished blanks, the frame is quickly assembled and does not require additional fitting and warming. The walls are very smooth and smooth, so the exterior is not needed.The texture of wood, its smell, and beauty gives the house a wonderful color and warmth.

Logs - have almost the same advantages and disadvantages as the house of the bar.

Project with a suitable value

So, after considering the materials and characteristics of their structures, we can conclude: a brick house for those who strive in construction for reliability and stability. Monolithic prefer those who do not want over time to see the cracks in the walls. Foam blocks are a convenient and fast way to build. Wood - health, comfort, comfort and decoration of the house. But what is cheaper to build a house?

The cost of the house of different materials depends on the location of your land. There is a lot of wood around and there is wood available, give preference to a bar or log, or use for external finishing of the house: wall paneling, block house, siding and others. If it is possible to build from the foam block, it is better to choose this material. About his merits said, not enough. Remember, light walls are a light foundation, heavy walls are a massive foundation. Hence the costs.

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