What is crypt?

Cryptitis is a disease in which the morgan crypt inflames. The disease can take two forms: acute and chronic.

Cryptit can be a consequence of the injury of the walls of the crypts by a hard fraction of excrement. Stone, seeds, bran or bristles - all this can cause damage to the crypt. Sometimes cryptit causes poor crypt drainage. With prolonged diarrhea, mucosal edema may occur. In fact, the cause of the disease is even the most harmless scratch of the intestine. It can degenerate into an inflammatory process in the crypt itself. The process during which occlusion of the lumen occurs, and the inflammation of the deep intestinal layers is called paraproctitis.

How does cryptitis manifest? One of the symptoms of the disease is pain in the back of the rectum.Proctologyalso studies these symptoms. Especially strong such pains happen at excretion of fecal masses. Often the pain can turn into a burning sensation, and then into a phantom sensation of something foreign in the anus.The consequences associated with the appearance of blood in the stool and, often, even purulent discharges are considered a little more frightening for people. Itching is often felt in the near-canal zone.The proctologistwill give appropriate recommendations on what to do in this case.

As long as the crypt is in an acute form, by applying drains of the crypts or anal glands, eliminating the cause of the disease, the crypt can be cured. If cryptitis is not treated, then the intestine, which lies above the zone of inflammation, slowly but surely becomes inflamed. In the chronic course of the disease, there is a wave-like subsidence-crypt inflammation, which is repeated several dozen times a year.

Complications in the treatment of such diseases may be crypt abscesses.The proctologistwill carefully examine and clarify: the inflammatory process falls on neighboring crypts. Often, with such a development of events, the development of the purulent process of the disease, which is known as proctitis, is not excluded. Until the disease has reached the level of cellular tissue space, the disease is still acute, and when it goes deep, it becomes chronic.

As is clear from this article: cryptit is not such a scary thing when to start treating it in time.Proctologyhas long since studied all the symptoms of this disease. With a long deposition of this process, it is necessary to lay out a decent amount of money on the table just to heal the effects of the disease, and it is even unknown if the intestines can be fully restored. So watch your health and do not forget about your health, if you do not want to give your salary to proctologists.

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