What is gluten and how is it dangerous?

Sometimes even ordinary food can be harmful to human health. Recently, near the windows in the supermarket you can often notice people carefully studying the composition of goods. All this is no accident, because such a substance as gluten, it turns out, can cause a number of different diseases, including cancer.

This discovery was made by scientists relatively recently, because a complete list of products that may contain gluten, most likely, is not yet complete. But in order to protect yourself from health problems, it is better to learn about all the dangers in advance.

What is gluten and what does it contain?

You should not immediately be frightened of this term and immediately throw away the entire contents of the refrigerator. Intolerance to this substance is not found in every person, and before you reconsider your diet, you should find out what gluten is, or gluten.

Gluten is a complex protein that is found in many cereals.It received its name from the Latin word gluten, which means glue. If this substance did not exist, we would never be able to make a tasty, elastic dough, because it is possible to combine the flour with water precisely because of gluten.

What products contain this component? In this list you will not see overseas delicacies, because in especially large quantities it can be found in cereals - wheat, barley and rye. Therefore, ordinary bread, biscuits, pasta, cereals and even favorite breakfast cereals can become unsafe for a person. Recent studies have shown that the level of gluten content in modern genetically modified and selected varieties of cereals is much higher than in their wild relatives.

Since gluten is also added to thicken some foods, it can also be contained in yogurt and ice cream, as well as ketchup, bouillon cubes, and even fries.

What is the danger?

People who do not tolerate gluten-containing foods suffer from a special disease, celiac disease. It was believed that it is observed mainly in children. But recent studies have shown that the frequency of such a disease is much higher, and not only children, but also adults suffer from it.

The signs of celiac disease are fairly simple: bloating, diarrhea, systematic indigestion, which results in rapid weight loss. But many do not even know what this protein is really dangerous.

Gluten has a strong effect on the digestive system. In people with intolerance to this substance, the body begins an active fight against gluten, trying as quickly as possible to remove it from the body.

But the problem is that gliadin (another name for gluten) is very similar in structure to the components of human tissue. And thus, the protein rejection reaction and the need for its rapid neutralization endanger our own organs.

Why is it so scary? The fact is that antibodies that are produced against gluten destroy cells and tissues that also contain proteins. As a result, diabetes, thyroid disease, and even brain disease can develop.

In addition, the constant ingestion of gluten into the body over time contributes to the formation of microcracks in the intestinal mucosa, through which metabolic products and toxins can enter the body, making the immune system very vulnerable.

What can be used without fear of health problems?

To protect yourself in case of celiac disease, you just need to make a list of gluten-free products. These include any meat and fish, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, from cereals - rice, corn and legumes, as well as nuts.

Dairy products can be consumed if there is no allergy to lactose. If you can not deny yourself in baking, then just choose the right recipe, which will replace the usual wheat flour with soybean, corn or rice.

Be attentive to your health and foods that you use. Then the well-being will be your faithful companion in life.

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