What is hygiene

People, understanding the word "hygiene»Primitive cleaning measures, cleaning teeth and washing hands before meals, are very much mistaken. Hygiene is a set of laws, methods and rules that allow a living organism to provide all the necessary conditions for maintaining health and eliminating various diseases. In other words, it is the knowledge or art of preserving health from harm.
The purpose of this science is the elimination and prevention of disease. But few modern specialists understand the true meaning of the term “hygiene", Coming up with all new directions -hygieneenvironment, nutrition, etc. Meanwhile, a person understanding the organic understanding of such words as “health improvement”, “nutrition”, “ecology”, “health” does not realize the nature of concepts, losing the connection between parts of a single whole.
One sidehygiene- a very complex science, on the other hand - quite versatile, it covers various aspects of human life. There is a spacehygiene, radiation,hygieneteenagers and childrenhygienelabor and nutrition. Each of these elements cannot be considered separately from the others.
Hygiene is the only possible mechanism that is able to maximally ensure the living space of a person in a particular habitat. Prolonged non-compliance with environmental hygiene, labor, nutrition, etc. can lead to various disorders, which are based on changes in the metabolism of cells of organs associated with redundancy or insufficiency of substances, damage to the genetic apparatus, which come from the external environment.
Individualhygiene- The basis of human health.

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