What is nomophobia?

There are so many different phobias that you can just get lost in the names. And what is nomophobia? How to identify it, how to deal with it?

The essence of the phobia

What is nomophobia? It's the fear of being left without a mobile phone. As shown by researchers conducted by scientists, about half of all owners of cellular ones are experiencing this fear to some extent. And women face the problem a little more often than men, although the stronger sex often insure themselves by purchasing and using two phones. In addition, in the course of the research it was found that young people most often suffer from nomophobia.


What can nomophobia develop? There are several reasons:

  • Fear of losing contact with the outside world and loved ones, remaining helpless. Modern people are used to the fact that any problems can be solved with the help of a cell phone, which helps to contact the right person at the right time. And if this possibility disappears, then the owner of the device begins to worry. And if unpleasant situations have already been, then experiences can develop into a phobia.
  • Failure to access the Internet can also lead to the development of nomophobia.Many people go online every day, so if it suddenly becomes impossible, they will not be happy about it.
  • Inability to get the right information. Today, with the help of a mobile phone, you can find out everything, and this is undoubtedly very convenient. But in fact without such a device many can not move, prepare and work. And if it is turned off or lost, it will lead not only to inconveniences, but also to loss and prostration.
  • Fear of being left alone.


Identify nomophobia can be on the following grounds:

  • You are constantly looking for a phone with your eyes.
  • You often check the phone to find out if there have been any messages, if there have been any calls.
  • You always keep the phone next to you: in your bag, in your pocket or in your hand.
  • If the phone suddenly turned off (or the signal disappeared), you begin to experience and feel anxiety.
  • If you do not have the ability to turn on the phone, you begin to get nervous, angry.

How to deal with the problem?

Fighting nomophobia is not easy, because modern life is directly connected with the use of mobile devices. Still, some tips will help get rid of obsessive fears:

  1. You can write out all the most important numbers in the phone book and in case of urgent need to make a call from any other phone. Such a simple measure will reduce the chance of losing touch with important people at the right time.
  2. Get rid of applications that literally make you constantly check your phone. Then you will touch it less often.
  3. Try to use the phone as little as possible. Take it in hand only in case of urgent need. You should not constantly check social networks, calls and messages or go online.
  4. Try to replace the phone with other items. To wake up, use a normal alarm clock, go online from your computer, call from a landline phone.
  5. Practice. For example, you can spend without a mobile all day or even all weekends. But first inform your relatives and friends about your whereabouts so that they do not think that something has happened to you. If you give up the device for such a long time you find it difficult, then start with at least a few hours.
  6. Remember that literally ten years ago, people did without mobile phones and at the same time lived remarkably.

It remains only to wish that your phone does not seize your psyche.

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