What is the moral choice of man and woman?

Have you ever met in conversation such a thing as “real man” or “real woman”? Despite the fact that they do not have a clear definition or decoding, and each raises something different under it, the essence remains the same for everyone.

Often and so called people who are vivid representatives of the example of morality. What does it mean? Probably, these people live by certain rules and have their own system of values, the basic principles of which lie in the concept of conscience, honor, kindness, duty, justice. These people live “rightly”, thereby earning the approval and recognition of their relatives and friends.

Sooner or later, before each person there is a question of moral choice, be it a man or a woman, it does not matter. What is the moral choice of a person? It is a choice between "good" and "evil", between what is "good" and what is "bad."

And even despite the fact that the framework and boundaries between these concepts are rather vague and even abstract, for many of us it still means something similar.

We were born and live in a free society, where everyone is free to do what he likes, from which freedom has become the determining factor in the moral choice of each person. What is the manifestation of this freedom?

The level of morality of a man or a woman, in many respects, is determined through their actions and behavior, and, moreover, both everyday and in some extreme situation. An important factor is the attitude to any things and life position as a whole, because it is here that a person is able to express himself as a creative and independent person.

Consider a simple example: a moral or "real" man is someone who behaves in accordance with the ethical standards of society, values ​​marriage and loves his family, respects loved ones and knows how to make responsible decisions, that is, lives "right".

The same applies to women's moral choice: a faithful wife, a good mother, a worthy woman, and so on. By the way, the question "sex before marriage - bad or not" - also applies to questions of morality and morality, and each, as you know, has its own.

Also an indicator of morality is such an important trait of character, which, by the way, is not every person has as will power.In general, it is believed that moral people usually have such qualities as hardness, wisdom, sometimes even stiffness, the ability to make the right decisions, as well as tolerance for others and an unsinkable sense of justice.

When a person makes a choice in favor of all these spiritual principles, he finds a certain path, conditions of movement that help him grow, develop and move in the right direction.

Examples of moral choice in the literature

Have you ever wondered why school literature is built in this way, at times, including works that are not always subject to the still fragile minds of schoolchildren? Maybe because these examples give examples of worthy people who managed to make a moral choice in favor of good, and if they did not, then they were punished for this?

The system of values ​​is changing at a catastrophic speed, “about times, about morals,” as people of a certain generation would say. However, centuries followed each other, and new generations imbued with the same thoughts. Accidentally? Hardly.

For example, what was worth the choice of Andrei Bologna, the protagonist of the famous novel L. N.Tolstoy, who was ready to sacrifice all the most precious and sacred things that he had in his life, for the moments of glory. And how severe were his subsequent disappointments!

And the moral choice of the hero of the story “The Fate of a Man”, who did not betray his homeland for a piece of bread. A striking example of morality is the famous writer Anna Akhmatova, who survived many misfortunes, years of oblivion, years of terrible repression, arrest of her son and execution of her husband, but nevertheless remained strong and devoted to her life positions. And what is the moral choice for you?

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