Adoption of the child

Each of us dreams of an heir of the offspring, wanting to continue his race. However, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. If with the conception of their own children there are difficulties, the young couple makes a decision about the adoption of the child. We will tell you how this process is going on and what variants of adoption exist.

Adoption of the child

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Adoption of Russian children

The process of adopting Russian children is considered in court. The main stages of this process are as follows:

  1. Applying for the possibility of being adoptive parents to a territorial guardianship authority. A required list of documents is attached to the application. The guardianship authority examines the living conditions of the adoptive parents, draws up an act based on the results and, if a positive decision is taken, registers the applicant as a candidate for the adoptive parent.
  2. After this, the guardianship authorities provide information about the children and give the opportunity to choose.If the adopter chooses a child, he is given a referral to visit at the place of residence for 10 days. After the visit, the adopter must inform the guardianship authority of the decision in writing.
  3. When the adopter chooses a child, the documents are submitted to the court for consideration.
  4. After the court decision, the process of post-judicial paperwork is carried out.
  5. When all documents are issued, adoptive parents must personally pick up the child with the presence of identity documents.

Features of the adoption of a foreign child

It is not uncommon for Russian citizens to decide on the adoption of a child - a citizen of another state. However, international adoption has its own rules:

  • A couple wishing to adopt a foreign child must be married for at least three years.
  • The couple, whose official family life does not exceed three years, also has the right to adopt a child if she has been living together.
  • Every candidate who wants to become an adoptive father should have moral qualities and a sufficient material basis.

An obligatory condition for adoption is the difference in age between the adopter and the child, which must be at least 18 years.

Adoption of the child

After submitting the application for adoption, the couple must pass a review of social institutions and receive a relevant document on the suitability to be an adoptive parent. After that, the search-meeting of the child is organized, and all the necessary documents are drawn up.

Adoption of children by foreign citizens

A foreign citizen can adopt a child only if it is impossible to transfer the child to a Russian citizen or relative, a Russian citizen. In such a case, the child can be adopted only six months after entering the federal database on those who have remained without custody.

To do this, it is necessary at the location of the adoptee to submit an application to the court. The adoption process is possible after the territorial guardianship authority has concluded the conclusion with the basis for adoption. Also, a foreign citizen must provide an opinion of the relevant body of his state on the condition of the living conditions, the permit for entry and residence of the adopted person.

All necessary documents must be notarized and provided in Russian. In this case, the adopter must prepare the following documents:

  • certificate of employment;
  • proof of housing;
  • a statement of their financial condition;
  • autobiography;
  • documentary evidence that there is no previous conviction;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • medical evidence of health;
  • identity document.

Features of the adoption of the child's wife

Adoption of the child

In situations where the mother marries after the parents divorce, the spouse becomes the stepfather to the child. Often the stepfather is engaged in raising a child, cares for him and provides, but has no rights to it. If there is a desire to adopt a wife’s child, the reason for this is:

  • consent of the wife;
  • consent of the biological father;
  • the stepfather's desire.

In addition, stepfather must comply with all legal requirements for adoptive parents.

If the biological father refuses to consent to the adoption of the child, but at the same time pays for child support and visits the child, the adoption process becomes impossible.In the case when the father does not take any part in the child’s life and does not pay child support, and also does not appear at the court session, this procedure can be carried out without his consent.

The adoption process is carried out in court with the provision of all necessary documents. If the court ruled in favor of the adopter, it should be noted that this decision can be appealed by the biological father or the guardianship authority for 30 days.

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