What is "The Tale of the Toad and the Rose"?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
February 19, 2013

The plot of the work of V. M. Garshin "Tales of the Toad and the Rose" is quite simple. But before you understand the depth of the author’s thoughts, it’s worth telling what the Tale of the Toad and the Rose is about.


Let's take a look at the summary. The toad and the rose lived in the same abandoned flower garden. A little boy used to play in the garden, but now that the rose has blossomed, he lay in bed and died. The nasty toad hunted at night, and in the daytime lay among the flowers. The smell of a beautiful rose annoyed her, and she decided to eat it. Rosa was very afraid of her, because she did not want to die such a death. And at that moment, when she was almost at the flower, the sister of this boy came up to cut off a rose in order to give it to a sick child. The girl threw the insidious toad. The boy, inhaling the scent of a flower, died. The rose stood at his coffin, and then it was dried in a book.

Fairy tale analysis

Now let's try to make a brief analysis of the tale. The toad and the rose are two opposites: the terrible and the beautiful.Lazy and disgusting toad with its hatred for all that is high and beautiful, and the rose as the embodiment of good and joy, are an example of the eternal struggle of two opposites - good and evil.

We see this from the way the author selects epithets for the description of each character. Everything beautiful, sublime, inspired is connected with a rose. The toad personifies the manifestation of base human qualities: laziness, stupidity, greed, rage.

According to the author of the fairy tale, evil can never win good, and beauty, both external and internal, will save our world filled with various human flaws. Despite the fact that at the end of the work, both the rose and the boy loving flowers die, but their departure causes readers, though sad and slightly bright, as they both loved the beautiful.

In addition, the death of a flower brought the last joy to a dying child, she brightened the last moments of his life. And the rose itself was glad that she died, doing good, most of all she was afraid to accept death from the vile toad, who hates her with all her gut. And only for this we can be grateful to the beautiful and noble flower.

Thus, this short tale teaches readers to strive for the beautiful and good, to ignore and avoid evil in all its manifestations, to be beautiful not only outside, but, and above all, in the soul.

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